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Author Topic: Lexapro not working???? Scared of switching  (Read 2701 times)

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Lexapro not working???? Scared of switching
« on: March 15, 2011, 06:25:32 PM »
Hi there, So I was put on lexapro about three years ago and had the prescritpion for almost a year before that becasuse I was afraid to start taking it. Well I am happy to say that I am very glad I did. It helped that heart in my throat feeling that was constant along with all those other wonderful symptoms.. I started on 10 mg and then about a year ago anxiety got worse after a back problem(I have had two back surgeries). I have degenerative disk disease and another disc herniated so while i was driving the pain got so bad I had to pull over and call my family who took me to the hospitol. Well since then I can/will not drive by myself because I am having anxiety attacks. So here is my question could the medicine not be working anymore?? I have an appt with a psychitrist becasue my general dr who prescribed me the meds does not feel confident in messing with my meds so should i be open to a new med. Is there one that is better for anxiety?  I am really struggling with the not driving thing I have been seeing a pshcologist since august doing cbt and hypnosis and talk theraoy and some of the strategies are helpful but i am still not alone on t he road which I used to drive EVERYWHERE and the thought just gives me an anxiety attack. SO I would love some advice. I really had great recommendations of this one dr but he did not accept my insuance so I am going to someone else without any recommendations and her reviews online are not to good but I should just go in with an open mind and if I am not comfotable I just dont go back right???? B-;
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