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Author Topic: Prolonged Stomach pains  (Read 644 times)

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Prolonged Stomach pains
« on: September 01, 2014, 06:43:01 AM »
I get them occasionally but what's different this time is that I've been drinking daily (4-6 strong ales) for 3.5 weeks. ABout a month beforehand I had another prolonged drinking period of about 5-6 weeks but had no stomach issues. This time round i've had a stomach ache for 2 weeks. Today it feels it's worst. There's never any stomach pain whilst drinking and there's no additional stomach pains when eating so I don't think it's an ulcer. The stomach pains feel acidic and painful around the naval area of the stomach. Bowel movements have been a little bit looser in the past week but no D or C when going to the toilet.

There was blood when I wiped today and the bowel movement burnt quite a bit. I was given a steroid cream a couple of weeks ago for a hemorrhoid and it shrunk it in size but didn't get rid of it completly. There's never been blood when wiping before.

Rang GP but they're all booked up today so i'll get a call back this afternoon.

Not going to drink anymore as it's obviously provoking stomach upset. Truth be told i'm keeping quite calm about the situation. I was expecting to go a bit nuts when I saw the blood but I actually remained calm as the pain was around the anus so I assume it's an external problem as it were.

Appetite has been fine although today, with the more intense stomach pains i've yet to eat. I'd assume alcohol abuse isn't so uncommon with people who have anxiety. Anyone have any experience with stomach aches etc from anxiety/drinking?

Antacid hasn't worked, even though the pain feels burning/acidic in my stomach. There's often a lot of stomach noise - grumbles and suchlike. The pains are less when walking, standing or laying down but feels quite uncomfortable when sitting. If I push and feel around the stomach area there's no tenderness. I remember from previous extended stomach aches the Dr's felt around the entire abdomen area and asked if there was any tenderness. There's quite a lot of wind and the bowel movements smell pretty bad so I know i'm not doing my stomach any favours.

Pains tend to come and go and don't stick around indefinitely which is another positive sign from all of this. I'm trying to rationalize the entire situation. I'm not jumping the assumption that it's cancer or anything sinister. I'm 28 which is still relatively young and the drinking has only ramped up in the past year. but now I need to quit it for good and become tee total again. The first time I drank I got alcohol poisoning at the age of 16 and I didn't drink again until 9 years later. I think it's the usual anxiety nonsense with the problem compounded by additional acid and stomach upsets from alcohol.

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