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Author Topic: Blood cancer fear now....great  (Read 299 times)

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Blood cancer fear now....great
« on: August 30, 2014, 04:50:51 PM »
So last night I've done something I haven't done in a while, yep you guessed it, google. Came across blood cancers and I have everything to qualify for it. All my red blood levels have been high on every blood test I've ever taken, my hgb, hct, and rbc counts are always very elevated on every test I take. My blood is very very thick, I have a low ESR at 2, I have an enlarged spleen, and have had for months. I was even at the hematologist in early July and I can't believe they didn't suspect polycythemia vera or even decide to test me for it cause they even saw my blood levels from past tests as well. I want to think that they didn't misdiagnose me here but I can't help but think that I do have some kind of blood disorder or cancer that's going to shorten my lifespan or something. I can't believe they didn't take more caution in testing me for these, they just told me to keep following up with my PCP and they are sure I am okay for the most part. Ugh this never ends, would there be more things going on if I had a blood cancer or disorder? I am in complete fear if this now, my symptoms don't help either diziness and all, I don't know what to think.
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