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Author Topic: Afraid I have some kind of cancer.... Pic included!!  (Read 391 times)

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Afraid I have some kind of cancer.... Pic included!!
« on: August 30, 2014, 04:36:01 PM »
This will be long....

Okay so something weird happened just today but allow me to give a back story.
I accidentally stumbled on and googled about muscular cancer and I have some of the symptoms.  I know it's bad to google but lately I have been having this weird feeling in my lower back/almost butt (slightly to the left, it's a very specific spot) that also makes it feel as if my heart is going to race crazily if I sit a certain way. Also there has been a swollen node under my chin/jaw for about three years now that is squishy and movable but hasn't ever gone down and it causes me concern on and off again from time to time. Not to mention something is wrong with my knee, I've NEVER injured it playing anything but when I do a bending motion with it, my left knee literally creaks as and you can hear it especially if I am going down stairs. All f this is freaking me out since I've read about it...then low and behold I was playing with my nephew and I noticed this fleshy-like scar on my arm that I have NO idea what it is.. which concerns me anyway because I literally already have knots that you can feel within my forearm almost like fibers and small nodes. I am beyond scared right now to say the least, if you can offer any insight, PLEASE help.

Here is a pic of the fleshy like scar on my forearm. It looks worse from far. The middle is flesh like and outside looks kind of like a rash. Now I do have sensitive skin but nothing like this has ever came up

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Re: Afraid I have some kind of cancer.... Pic included!!
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2014, 04:48:05 PM »
Firstly, I had to really look at your picture to find anything abnormal at all and even now that I've done that, idk if I'm even looking at the right thing. To me, it looks like something really minor. Think of it this way, you show up to your doctor with a small scratch/scar, what are they going to say? Some might even scoff at you. I'm not trying to be mean at all because I've had way more irrational thoughts than you are having..But I truly think that is nothing at all.
Secondly, I have basically all the other "symptoms" you are talking about! My lower back dull ache may be related to female problems..but still, I'm sure its nothing.
Thirdly, I have the knee thing. Mine always cracks, one more so than the other. My ankle and wrist also crack.
I also have two nodes right now, one is tiny and one is a bit larger but still small. I'm freaking out about it too but if you read here on the forum, TONS of people have nodes like these, some even more suspicious than the ones we talk about (eg clavicle and hard) that still end of up being nothing. Some people constantly have palpable nodes that are not even swollen and some people's nodes just never go down. If you've had a node for three years now, erase that from your worries list. Seriously.

Nothing you've talked about points to muscular cancer which is rare are lumping in symptoms. You're cherry picking symptoms of awful diseases and applying them to yourself. Right now, I can diagnose myself with aids, lymphoma, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, salivary gland cancer, thyroid cancer, potentially leukemia and melanoma and going blind if I wanted to and thought about things the way google does.
I think you're alright.
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Re: Afraid I have some kind of cancer.... Pic included!!
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2014, 06:55:54 PM »
Stay away from doc google-he pratices bed medicine and hes a quack-my daughter who is a doc stays web md is not much better.  BEWARE-------
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Re: Afraid I have some kind of cancer.... Pic included!!
« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2014, 07:11:57 AM »
My joints have been creaking and cracking since I was a child.  With most people it starts later in life but it does just happen to a lot of people at some point.  It's rarely if ever something sinister.  Just unpleasant.
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Offline Ihadcancer

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Re: Afraid I have some kind of cancer.... Pic included!!
« Reply #4 on: August 31, 2014, 10:18:45 AM »
The picture is so huge that it's hard to see the spot and get a good idea.  Anyhow, it could easily be a sun spot or lentigo.  There are skin spots that will almost look like melted wax.  Arms are a very common place for all these benign spots. 

None of your symptoms 'go together'.   

The spot in your butt area sounds like an irritated sciatic nerve. I hope it doesn't get worse because that really hurts.  The nerve starts in your butt (both sides) and runs down the leg. The pain can be pretty awful.  The inflammation will clear up by itself but it could get worse before it gets better.  Try a heating pad or soaks in the tub.

There are no nodes in your forearm. The last node is in the elbow region.  You can get lumps in the muscles and tendons from lifting.  Tendon sheath cysts are little cysts that fill with fluid and unless they are causing problems, are ignored. My 19 year old has one above his ankle from skateboarding.  You can SEE his. 

The squishy thing under your jaw could be a salivary gland, too. Hard nodes that don't move are the ones that are concerning.   I have a hard node about the size of a large pea in front of my right ear. Doc says he can feel 2.  The one I can feel has been there for 20 plus years. It's a 'shotty node' named after buckshot.  I had numerous ear infections as a child and  young adult and some nodes just never go down and/ or get calcified.  Yours surely would have grown by now if it were serious.

Velcro?  That's a common description of sounds that come from the knee.  So 40 years from now you might need a knee replacement.  My husband was a catcher in high school and college. He also played football. His knee has been making noise the whole 44 years we've been married. Sometimes it aches but he's 67 and no further problems with his knee.

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