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Author Topic: Inner ear fears again.  (Read 386 times)

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Inner ear fears again.
« on: August 27, 2014, 05:32:28 PM »
Ok so now I'm worried again that I have had an inner ear disorder again. This was my main fear at the very beginning when the floor moving sensation began. I want to make this clear, I've not had the severe vertigo where anything has looked or felt as if it was spinning. The floor only felt like it was moving under my feet and it was worse in small rooms. Outside I could barely feel it. I'm not dizzy looking at screens, I'm not dizzy rolling over in bed, I wasn't nauseated, I wasn't sensitive to motion like on a car or anything. What put this fear on my head was by googling when this first started. I read there was no cure and now people simply had to live with it and that put me into a huge panic cause I'm a photographer and I couldn't imagine living my life or doing my job in a life feeling like I was off balance. And it triggering rn anxiety so bad that walking would be a challenge for me. That fear did go away once I started to think I had a brain tumor.

Yes I saw my ent and she said this was either a sinus infection or my inner ears. And when she said inner ears I did not freak out cause again at the time I was worried about a brain tumor. So she started out with going to the first thing she thought it was due to my other symptoms which was nasal congestion, post nasal drip, and tightness in my forehead and eyes. I was on 6 day course of prednisone and two rounds of Augmentin. And after a few days of those, I was able to feel normal on my feet. The feeling of walking on a boat was gone and I was able to go into my bathroom and small rooms not feeling like I was on an elevator. The floor moving sensation was less after the medication. And my scan was still showing a tad of infection even after all those meds. And my ent did not seem to think it was anything like Mav, inner ear infection or any of those things. Meds like that would not make the boat feeling go away right? It improved by 60% after those two meds.

But cause of anxiety being a pain I still limited myself to walking. Which is why I turned to the bed and now having to recover from being bed ridden. I do not have any vertigo laying down. Short dizzy spells when I'm stressed. And since I've been laying flat on my back for 2 months when I sit up it's a dizzy head but this is like the woozy feeling and i can sit up half way and I'm good. But soon as I sit up fully I feel woozy dizzy. No spinning. Just swimmy headed and doctor said that is low bp. And tilting head to ceiling I feel better closing eyes too while I'm sitting up. Working hard on getting myself out of bed but I'm still scared about inner ear disease. Those meds I took would not have made a difference right if it was Mav or mdds right? And my ent didn't even seem to think it was my inner ears. Only sinus pressure messing with them.
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