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Author Topic: Sporadic fatal insomnia? IM terrified this is what I have  (Read 1168 times)

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Sporadic fatal insomnia? IM terrified this is what I have
« on: August 27, 2014, 08:06:35 AM »
So for the past two weeks I haven't been able to sleep it happened one night after a extreme periods of anxiety. I simply cannot sleep on my own without 2mg of ativan. I went to the doctor and they prescribed me trazadone it made me really heavy and dizzy but I still could not sleep mainly because I developed restless leg from it. So I took ativan with it and I slept but I slept, but I slept lightly basically anything would wake me up. That had been going on for about a week. Feeling completely exhausted I decided to go to my psychiatrist she prescribed me seroquel which again caused the most unbearable restless leg syndrome of my life I could not stop moving my body. So I took 2mg of ativan and finally I got probably 7 hours of sleep. But when I do sleep I still sleep very lightly I feel like im not entering rem sleep. My anxiety is through the roof I constantly worry about it all day I can't focus or do anything else. I keep wondering why sleeping medication does not help me. Even seroquel which is super strong and I felt like a zombie the day after I took it. If I try to go to sleep on my own I have constant hypnotic jerks. I have loud noises that wake me up... I think it might be exploding head syndrome (harmless as scary as it sounds).
 Sometimes I worry im not getting any sleep and just zoning out because my mind is so out of it. I went to the er and all my Bloodwork n everything came back fine. I worry that I have sporadic fatal insomnia because I simply cannot sleep on my own and strong sleeping drugs don't help me. I feel like im losing my mind I can't concentrate can't focus. I currently started taking zoloft that I hope will help with this, but im worried about becoming dependent on ativan until it starts to work. Im constantly sweating and hyperventilating and having extreme panic attacks because of this. I thought seroquel would be a life saver but it just made me feel like a zombie which brought my anxiety back. So do u think this is sporadic fatal insomnia or just my anxiety levels being too high? Im so scared I have three kids and im married and since this problem started I have become in a deep depression and I cant focus on anything else. I've lost like 7 pounds already and my body is just physically and mentally exhausted. I've tried meditation, yoga, excercise, taking hot baths, relaxation techniques etc etc. I never feel rested or like I got a good night's sleep. Im actually starting to forget what that feels like. Sorry this is so long but im at my wits end nothing I do but taking ativan helps me. Im only 29 and I don't want to die at a young age from some very rare disease that I never even knew about until I got this problem. I've talked to other people with insomnia and they said trazadone n seroquel knock them out, but not me. This is ruining my marriage as well. Someone please offer me some tips or advice. Before this happened I was getting 8 hours of sleep or more a night.
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Re: Sporadic fatal insomnia? IM terrified this is what I have
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2014, 12:18:06 PM »
As you have pointed out, your insomnia began following a period of extreme anxiety, and in return your inability to sleep has led to further anxiety, creating a vicious circle. There is nothing here to suggest SFI, which is an extremely rare (16 known cases in a global population of 7,000,000,000) type of spongiform encephalopathy. Quite apart from the disease's rarity, you are displaying none of the other common symptoms, which include persistently elevated pulse and blood pressure, difficulty urinating, menstrual disturbances, chronic severe constipation and, most significantly, motor and speech disturbances resembling the effects one might commonly expect from a brain tumour.
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Re: Sporadic fatal insomnia? IM terrified this is what I have
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2014, 12:57:03 PM »
I'm going through bad insomnia myself and worry about SFI even though I know that is almost a impossibility . It real is a 1 in a billion disease . But being a hypochondriac like we are it is expected that we would be worried about the rarest disease on the planet only 16 confirmed cases ever. Honestly you have a better chance of winning the Power ball lottery 3 times then getting this
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