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Author Topic: Heart just went nuts  (Read 247 times)

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Heart just went nuts
« on: August 24, 2014, 10:21:49 PM »
My heart just went crazy. I was sitting and suddenly it went into a rapid beat. I tried coughing and doing techniques that I normally do to stop has happened once or twice before. I couldn't get it to stop. I jumped up and leaned over and coughed as hard as I could. It stopped after 10-15 seconds from beginning to end. I am scared to death now. I go to the cardiologist every year because I have palpitations caused by mitral valve prolapse. This event scared me...a lot. During the event I pressed on my carotid to feel my heart rate to see if it stopped. It hadn't. The only way to describe the feeling is that my heart was beating fast and the beats felt shallow. Not like big hard beats like I had just ran five miles.

I am very scared of v fib or other sinister heart arrhythmia. I plan on calling the doctor tomorrow to be seen. Please offer advice, for I am home alone at night with three young kids, fifteen minutes from the nearest hospital.

I should add I don't smoke, drink, have high blood pressure, etc. I am thin and relatively healthy.
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Re: Heart just went nuts
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2014, 10:34:06 PM »
Hello Hypo...Oh boy the dreaded heart palps...I think that is one of the most common things associated with Anxiety. I have them off and on and have for about 10yrs. Had all the test done and everything came back normal. When I have them now I just continue with what I was doing and try not to thank about it before I would just totally lose it and ended up in the er 4 times or more because of me and my brain freaking out. It's definitely  scary no question when palps come on but I just try and not let it be all that controls me. The brain is a powerful tool that can make us think of all kinds of horrible things we just have to say enough is enough. Good Luck  :action-smiley-065:   
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