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Author Topic: Need advice!  (Read 239 times)

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Need advice!
« on: August 20, 2014, 03:31:12 PM »
Can somebody please try and rationalise my situation for me right now because I am going extremely crazy…

My problem is with a severe lack of sleep. Every time I sleep, it is for 2 hours. No more… no less (other than one occasion with the help of Diazepam). And it doesn't matter how long I am awake for. It has come on suddenly as well. On Saturday, I slept from 3pm to 5pm. On Sunday, I slept from 6am to 8am. On Monday I slept from 12:00pm to 4:00am (with 12.5mg of Diazepam). Yesterday I had two sleeps; one from 1pm to 3pm - the other from 7pm to 9pm. Today, I slept from 2pm to 4pm. The other unusual thing is I am surprisingly quite alert and active to say I am only having two hours sleep. I am worried that it may be Sporadic Fatal Insomnia.

My reasons for that are as follows: getting to sleep becomes increasingly more difficult (I spend a longer time trying to get to sleep and I need longer periods of wakefulness to feel tired); then there is of course the fact it is only for 2 hours; and it is not that restorative (despite the fact that I am very alert and have a lot of energy). However, I don't have any other symptoms associated with SFI (and FFI) such as impotence, dry mouth, constipation, stiff neck, double vision, speech problems, unusual behaviour etc.

Some things to note is I am extremely panicky about this. So I know my anxiety is contributing (partly) but this doesn't sound like it is anxiety alone to me. Furthermore, I started Citalopram yesterday.

I rang the doctors today and was given Zopiclone to try and help with my sleep tonight. I am going to the doctors first thing in the morning to arrange for me to go through a range of tests (for overactive thyroid for example). I may ask about going to a sleep clinic although that thought scares me (I worry that I won't sleep or won't sleep for long enough).

I am beginning to believe it may be due to something other than anxiety (and other than SFI too but the fear and thought still lingers now and then). I am beginning to feel more calm about being awake for long periods as well and not feeling tired because I know it most likely isn't going to be a permanent thing.

However, I still get moments of extreme anxiety at the thought that this could be fatal or could lead to delirium and hallucinations. This of course doesn't help when trying to sleep as well. And each time I sleep for only two hours, it gives me anxiety spikes and makes me lose hope especially when I have just woken up from only 2 hours of sleep (yet again). It becomes increasingly more difficult for me to remain calm and rational when I find I have only had two hours sleep yet again.

What are everybody else's impressions and feelings about this? I don't just want reassurance by the way.
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