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Author Topic: Finally seeing a doctor about my anxiety  (Read 201 times)

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Finally seeing a doctor about my anxiety
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:08:27 PM »
After suffering from anxiety for quite some time now (more so in the past year) I'm finally going to see my doctor this week. I had been on an anti anxiety medication from another doctor previously but this is the first time I will be openly discussing my anxiety with my current doctor. I'm of course nervous about the appointment. Does anyone have any tips on taking to your doctor about anxiety? How should I bring it up? What should I ask? What if I get nervous and don't express all of my concerns? I've read that some doctors will want to do bloodwork to check for thyroid issues but I had that done a year ago and everything came back normal.
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Re: Finally seeing a doctor about my anxiety
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2014, 04:32:26 PM »
I'm going to the doctors on Monday about a lump under my tongue but I too think I might mention about all this anxiety I'm having. Recently I've began to have uncontrollably body shakes and feeling sick and not eating all day. Maybe they can give me something to calm my anxiety. I'm not sure either how I'll bring it up but I think now is the right time to.
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Re: Finally seeing a doctor about my anxiety
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2014, 08:32:06 AM »
I spoke with my doc about my anxiety (heart worrier) a couple of months ago. 

First thing I did was ask my wife to come into the exam room with me because (1) she confirmed for him that it is having a major impact on my life and (2) she was able to listen to what he said without my "anxiety filters".

When I got to the doc I simply told him that my anxiety was impacting my ability to lead a normal life and that I had lost the ability to determine for myself if my physical symptoms caused my anxiety or my anxiety was causing my physical symptoms.

He was great, did a check, EKG, etc and said my heart was fine.  Ultimately he adjusted some meds and told me to stop drinking so much herbal tea - offered me a stress test but I asked if he felt it was necessary and he said "no, just thought it would make you feel better" I told him "if you don't think it's medically necessary then I don't want it."

He asked me to call him in a couple of days to let him know if the med adjustment was working or not - ultimately it made a huge difference.

Since then when my heart fears kick in, my wife is able to remind me of he things my brain discounts like he did the tests and had no concerns about my heart.  It helps a lot!

So of there is someone you trust and can go to the appointment with you then I suggest to take them along because down the road you'll have someone who can remind you of exactly what the doc said without it being filtered by your "health anxiety".

Also, be 100% honest with your doc - tell him every symptom and fear you have then let HIM make the diagnosis and suggest a treatment.  too many people are argue with their docs thinking they know more than they do and it's a waste of time that can be otherwise used to help you.

Best of luck
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