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Author Topic: I hate no symptom stories!  (Read 178 times)

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I hate no symptom stories!
« on: July 12, 2014, 01:43:49 PM »
I've been having pain in my throat for the past few days due to (assuming) post-nasal drip. The throat feels sort of strained and discomfort. It's not really painful, more annoying than anything. That said, I don't have hoarseness or coughing, I just try to get the phlegm out from the back of my throat by making that "meh nasty sound" to get the phlegm out and 98% of the time there is no blood with the phlegm, if there is any small traces it's due to ruptured capillaries in the sinus cavities usually in the morning.

I've had neck and shoulder strain as well that I believe is related to something else, last Thursday I was laying down and my arm was behind my back "under my body" I twisted a bit and a few minutes later I felt slight muscle tension in my collarbone area.. now a week later I find my Trapezium and Shoulder can cause some discomfort, logically I believe it's due to the incident that happened.

My Health Anxiety however is SCREAMING Lung Cancer and/or Throat Cancer.

I read online a man had just one symptom, post nasal drip then found out he had throat cancer. I hate reading stories like that. I'm 33 years old, I haven't smoked in 7 years (smoked from 16/17 to 26 years old) - I pretty much never drink, unless it's an occasion and even then it's moderation. I don't have a family history with cancer or that type of cancer for that matter.

I just never had a flare up of this sort before, I do have some allergy issues that I suppose can be related to it being summer time. I have no itchy eyes or coughing, very little sneezing. My symptoms are essentially the throat discomfort, getting phlegm out and the neck/shoulder pain I experience.

As far as breathing, I go up and down stairs a lot, I'm always mobile at work - when I lift anything heavy or any activity I don't feel out of breath or anything. I feel as far as breathing goes, I'm okay. But I will say my breathe sometimes can take on a foul smell - I'm assuming this is due to the sinus post-nasal drip thats causing the throat soreness. "no coughing or hoarseness"..

I would have gone to the doctor by now to rule out anything serious,  but it cost me a lot of money to get an evaluation due to not having insurance. So when I go to the doctor I want to be certain it's because its a legitimate cause for concern and not my anxiety freaking me out. Too many times in the past I've been wrong about my cancer fears, I've been wrong over and over.. times in the past I've spent that money because I was almost certain.. I really can't afford to throw away money like that.

So can post-nasal drip and even perhaps along with allergy's cause this throat issue?..

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope your day is treating you well. 
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Re: I hate no symptom stories!
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2014, 01:58:47 PM »
WEIRD that you're having this issue because I'm having a similar one. Yesterday I noticed my throat felt a little weird, like kind of dry. I have seasonal allergies, too, and they have been causing lots of sinus issues for me. My ears felt full yesterday & I had sinus pressure on & off. Today my ears & sinuses feel a little better, but my throat feels weird, like really dry. Not painful at all, just annoying. I think it's post-nasal drip. So I'm assuming my sinuses are draining, causing this.

Where do you live? I'm in Vermont. It would be interesting if there's something blooming that's causing this.

Oh, and DON'T GOOGLE your symptoms!!! It is the worst thing you can do. I stopped months ago & it has helped a lot. Every now & then I have an urge to Google something, but stop myself & rationalize how I feel. If I'm truly concerned, I need to contact the doctor's office. Otherwise, I need to give it a few days & see if the issue goes away on its own (it usually does). Googling just makes the fear worse because there are all kinds of stories out there. Just because it supposedly happened to someone or we have one symptom of something (or even more than one), doesn't mean it's going to happen to us. Anyway, I hope we both feel better!

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Offline Melbu

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Re: I hate no symptom stories!
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2014, 02:58:07 PM »
I live in New Orleans, I've had my shares of allergy's through out the years no doubt. :) Not sure if this is completely 100% allergy related though, it's pretty different from the norm, maybe I'm having a summer cold without coughing, fever, fatigue, watery-eyes and all the other symptoms. 

I've looked down my throat with a flash light like 10 times since yesterday. Haven't found anything out of the ordinary "yet".  The neck / shoulder pain I noticed can be both sides, the incident I spoke of with my arm was only one side and was over a week ago. The whole "lung cancer symptom can be shoulder pain" lingers in my head.. but I don't have any breathing problems so I don't see how that could be.

Hence why my fears lean more towards throat/esophageal cancers..

Thanks for your reply, I know I shouldn't goggle - but since I just can't go to the Doc when ever, I tend to try and treat the problem myself, problem is my prognosis usually wrong because I have HA and think I have something fatal. Always scared that "I may be right this time".  Sigh, but yeah, It feels to be a bit dryer at times but I tend to drink a lot of water and tea. Also I'm laying off the mink/dairy because I don't want to keep trying to spit up phlegm.

The throat can hurt sometimes but more times than not it doesn't, if I notice I get hoarse, develop a cough, or any substantial amount of blood "outside of traces of ruptured capillaries" I'll consider that a good reason to spend the money to rule out anything.  My fear of course is will it then be too late, should I have gone sooner etc.. HA sucks. :(
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