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Author Topic: Has the nose cauterisation failed to work? Advice please  (Read 125 times)

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Has the nose cauterisation failed to work? Advice please
« on: July 09, 2014, 11:26:46 AM »

I am a fellow health anxiety sufferer forever thinking I have something awful. However, I am writing today with something related to my mum. She's had frequent nose bleeds since February (she had a heart attack last year and was put on blood thinners aspirin and clopidogriel) they seems to stop untill last Friday where she had a big one lasting around 20/30 minutes, this repeated itself on th Saturday and again on the Sunday. By Monday we were at the end of our tether and took her down to our ent where they cauterised it. It seemed fine untill Wednesday night where a tiny trickle of blood emerged, on Friday a large clot came out, seeing this back to the ent we went she didn't oppose any concern so my mum felt reassured. No longer than an hour being home a small nose bleed happened again lasting around a minute nothing compared to her bleeds pre cautery but still bleeding. Saturday another occurred which was brief lasting around two minutes. She then went nearly three days blood free when another happened yesterday morning when her nose became very dry and then began to run.

I called th ent and asked if this was normal they said minor bleeding can occur

We are both very anxious people and it is affecting her day to day life she will not go out n fear for one will start and I'd do anything to take it away from her and have it myself because I hate to see her so miserable. She used to be such an upbeat lady and now she's a husk of the woman she used to be.

I just wondered if anyone could give me any reassuring advice is it normal for these little bleeds to happen n the healing process or will something else need to be done? All I know is I can't bear to see her this way and just want a way of fixing it

Thank you to anyone who can help
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Re: Has the nose cauterisation failed to work? Advice please
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2014, 11:57:08 AM »
Hi Carla, and welcome to Anxiety Zone...  My name is Chuck, and I am one of the Global Moderators here on the site.

You are now a member of our community, where you will find support and advice from other members in similar situations.   It's always nice to find someone else who understands, and to know you're not alone.

We have sections in the forum that address specific concerns, so feel free to post or start a new topic in the section that best fits your situation.  Feel free to explore the rest of the forum.  You may find the other topics helpful, and you may be able to offer advice or support to someone else.

We also have a chat room for members over the age of 18.  Once you have made three meaningful posts, you will be allowed access to the chat room.

Carla, when your mom was at the ENT, did they draw any lab/blood tests to check her clotting time?  I am uncertain how often these would need to be checked for someone who is taking both aspirin and Plavix (clopidogriel), but if I were a doctor with a patient having nose bleeds as frequently as your mom, that would be one of the first things I would do.

Again, welcome to Anxiety Zone.  The very best to you, Carla!...  Chuck :grinning-smiley-003:
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Re: Has the nose cauterisation failed to work? Advice please
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2014, 12:29:26 PM »
Hello there

When she went to a&be to begin they done three blood tests all relating to clots and clotting disorders and platelets (sp?) all came back fine. When she had the procedure done the ent was able to find the bothersome vessel straight away so I don't think it is a case of a unidentified vessel.

I've spoken to ent specialists and they've said minor bleeding is possible as it's a hard area to heal. I just wanted to see if I could gain some help here from fellow anxiety sufferers as it's a really stressful time for myself and my mum :( 
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