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Author Topic: Everytime my arm/chest's a heart attack. How do U stay away from ER?  (Read 204 times)

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Offline didariok

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I've posted here before but having a rough week and need someone who understands to talk me off my ledge. I've had on and off "chest pains" for the pasts week, constant headaches which doctor thinks is my meds (prozac) and now today my left arm had a shooting pain and went numb. Of course I had a panic attack and think its really a heart attack this time.

I'm on Prozac daily (have been for 5 months) and take Clonopin as needed. I've been monitoring my BP per doc orders and it's been low at night when no stress. He doens't seem concerned. I event went out and bought a pulsox meter and that appears fine too.

Every day for the past week I get one of these pains and just want to fly into the ER. I really feel like this is it; this time its a heart attack. Rationally I know that its most likely anxiety but I'm not sure who is going to win out: my rational side or my anxiety.

For those of you who deal with do you talk yourself out of an ER visit? Do you call your doctor each time you have these feelings? Not sure what I want to do but know I can't go all day feeling this way.

Thanks for your support. This site has been a true blessing!
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Offline mikewise77

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So this is such a rough road because the media and the web and everything tells us not to ignore chest pain, so it is good to get things checked out when you experience new symptoms. Have you had recent blood work done? EKG? Stress Test? I am going into for a stress test tomorrow for my current fears and I recently ended up in the ER myself with chest tightness so I get your pain. When there is high stress in my life it gets worse. First thing I'd do is get a once over from a PCP and if needed see a good cardiologist for a stress test. If those visits check out and they give you a clean bill than at that point stop looking at your heart for the issues that are causing your pain and look to other things, muscle tension and stress. I have a shoulder thing that's better now but it used to really scare me because it was the left shoulder. But as it turns out it was a bout of tendonitis, it sucks, it's painful but not life threatening.
Take care.
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I deal with this all the time.  A little less since I started the Prozac.  But I also have take a small dose of atavan when things get bad and that also helps.   My advice is to not google symptoms.  That's only made me feel worse.   Try taking an asprin next time you have that pain. When I get these pains or sensations that I'm convinced is a heart attack I take an asprin, I take an atavan, and then I try to calm myself down by just remembering it's anxiety.   If you have a Primary Doctor, talk to them about your fear, they may be able to give you some information on things to look out for if it really was an emergency.  The most important part is not letting that panic take over.   As sufferers of anxiety we are HYPER vilgilant when it comes to detecting changes in our body.  So a twinge or a pain that someone else might not even pay attention to, we seem to see it as a sign of something being seriously wrong with our bodies. 
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I can talk myself out of it because I remember the first time. I was just sitting in my room and my chest felt odd.. It'd done that a few days before too but it stopped there. this time it didnt. the left side of my chest felt uncomfortable, and then started to hurt, and then had shooting pain through my back. so I went to the emergency room.

Turns out i actually had a heart condition, but a benign one. all it can do is cause odd sensations. But I terrified myself so much that I caused physical pain. I was sore for days after, completely because of the fear.

And I remember that. because I hurt myself so much, its easy to remember.
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