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Author Topic: emetaphobia/ social anxiety crippling  (Read 473 times)

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emetaphobia/ social anxiety crippling
« on: July 06, 2014, 04:34:38 PM »
So I remember it all in detail, when i was 13 years old I got a stomach  bug and I was sick about 8 times and it freaked the hell out of me. Ever since then I was sick about 2 years ago.Iv never been sick since but ever time i feel sick I have a full on panic attack. Even leaving the house is  scary in fear I'd be sick in public not just once lodes of times. Also I fear of what other people think of me and fear of being judged in a negative way. IT'S taking over my life i feel i have no future no nothing I need this sorted I need help):
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Re: emetaphobia/ social anxiety crippling
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2014, 05:39:16 AM »
I am big time emetaphobic. It is probably my biggest fear. Right now I have bad acid reflux. Doesn't help the situation at all. With me I guess I just get on with things as best I can do. Way I always viewed this issue is that doctor's and therapist's never treat it the right way. I say that because it once stopped me eating. Logic was that no food in the body meant there was nothing to throw up. So it did effect my eating. My own view is they should treat like another eating disorder. I know it can differ from person to person. But just to lump it with other anxiety disorders is wrong in my opinion. I think they have to learn more about the condition. The first 3 doctors / therapists I mentioned it to asked me what it was. They had never heard the name before. If we take that into account it only something new to the doctors and therapists. Think it has become more well known over the past 5 years. Before that we all had this great fear and no name to even put on it. I do think they are still learning what is the best method to treat it. I don't think they know as of yet. May be a few more years before some smart therapist comes up with a better way to treat the condition. Until then we simply have to live with it. Have it treated as normal anxiety. But you will find a lot more people here on the site who do suffer from it as well.
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