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Author Topic: Brain tumour worries  (Read 76 times)

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Brain tumour worries
« on: July 03, 2014, 01:01:17 PM »
Hey guys I'm really starting to worry about the fact I have a brain tumour

I'm really worried  about these symptoms I'm having I get tingling without numbness but not as often as I use to, I went to my opthalmologist he observed everything including my optic nerve and he told me that  and he had look at my eyes and he said everything is completely normal , I have vision problems occasionally regarding glare off things  and bluryness which doesnt turn my whole eyesight blurry it just turns like a little bit of it blurru  , this pain in my head when I think. Muscle twitches and jolts ALL over my body. No dizziness whatsoever, I can throw catch and  snatch objects out of mid air (I use to play a lot of ball sports as a kid) . I can do things like ride a bike, lift weights, my co-ordination and judgement seems fine I can balance standing on one foot . My main concern is that I have lost my power to imagine and picture thing I could picture things with great mental clarity I did put off day dreaming for a while I use to do it quite a lot and make scenarios up in my head. However now I can't ,I'm worried I have a tumour on my parietal lobe which controls imagery. I have had a ct-brain and it revealed nothing.
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Re: Brain tumour worries
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2014, 02:42:26 PM »
sounds like you've googled  :yes:

as I tell every person who posts on this site about fearing brain tumors.........  I have known 7 people either first hand or second hand with tumors..  two were my sister and father.  I've seen how those buggers behave up close and personal.

as I also mention brain tumors are very common fear here.  in the 5+ years I have been a member only ONE person was dx'd with a tumor.  it was a benign menigioma.  it was found incidentally on some scan.  It wasn't even big enough to cause symptoms so surgeons weren't going to touch it.  that is the usual thing with menigiomas .  They are only operated on if they impede brain function.

my sister's neurosurgeon told us that brains accommodate tumors very well.  they don't become symptomatic until the tumors are large enough to  impede brain function.  Once they are causing symptoms, they are big enough to be seen on scans.

finally the things you are talking about going on with you are very common with anxiety.   They can also happen just because.    if you click on my profile, you will see three links on there.  the third one is to the most common anxiety symptoms.  click on it.  you will be astounded how emotional distress and stress affect a body physically.  AND watch out if those symptoms scare a person!!!  that only makes such symptoms worse.

So as I ask many people here:  what is going on in your life presently or recent past (other than symptoms) that is stressing you?  How do you typically solve problems?  What do you do daily to work on your anxiety disorder?  what is working? what isn't?  what are you actually willing to do, long term, to get your mind and body calmed down?

here is the link. I went and fetched myself:,89766.0.html

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MOST anxiety happens at the subconscious level.  JUST because you don't feel consciously anxious or had a day or two of calm doesn't mean your mind & body are relaxed.  It can take months of reduced anxiety before a body goes back to a more non-reactive state. 

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Re: Brain tumour worries
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2014, 02:45:44 PM »
AND adding to my last post

I am a H-U-G-E preacher of NOT googling symptoms or diseases, whether you are currently afraid of a particular disease or not.  Googling just plants those little seeds.  those seeds will take root at some point.  Additionally googling stuff never assures a person they are well.  Oh one may get a piece of assurance but with the HA mind, that won't be good enough and further research ensues and all hell breaks loose 9 times out of 10.  If you continue posting here, you will see posts all of the time saying things like "I googled.  Please talk me down"     SO looking up diseases should be OFF of your to do list.     .

A few other things that should be off of your to do list are:  No monitoring of bodily goings on, self-check/self-test,  seeking repeat reassurance from family/friends/internet/doctors.  AVOID "peace of mind" medical tests.  Certainly there are legitimate reasons to have medical tests and, thus, should be done.  However, around here, more often than not, med tests are done just as reassurance or "peace of mind".  this sort of testing does not work.  You will see many, many people advocate such testing and you will see many folks having them.   Unfortunately, such tests only accomplishes either:  1. person doubts test--it was done too early, it wasn't THE right test, or doc read it wrong, 2.  person accepts the test but soon thereafter or down the road a piece anew crop of symptoms, NOT covered  by the previous tests, appear and the person is a mess all over again.  Basically these are "reactive" behaviors.  Reactive behaviors only keep a mind/body amped up.  It keeps us in the vicious anxiety loop.  The fight/flight just diminish when it isn't constantly fed panic.

You are better off adopting proactive habits.  Realizing that there is NO QUICK FIX.  THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL.  Getting better takes time.  Often it will be two steps forward then one step back.  If you quit the good stuff because you feel bad stuff, you will find you are not making any positive progress. 

Now we all CAN get better.  That doesn't mean we all will.  There will be some who don't and I'm sure we've all met a person in our lives who let life defeat them.  Don't let that be you.  You are better than that   

NOW for maybe the two people   who haven't seen my usual suggestions on getting started, here they are, again:

1. Therapy---meds if you and your doctor feel it is appropriate---everybody is different on this issue. but don't discount meds because you are afraid of them or think that meds are only for "weak" people.  Remember the BEST therapist isn't a miracle worker.  therapy is a two-way street. The client MUST participate and I don't just mean going in and unloading on the therapist.  A therapist is there to listen, true, but the therapist is there to challenge and get you to do things to aid in your recovery.  So the client must do the "homework" to get the most out of therapy. 
2. self-help books--lots of good stuff out there these days ---Claire Weekes has good books out there that explain how it all works.  One is Hope and Help for Your Nerves I read "The Road Less Traveled" by M. Scott Peck many years ago.  He speaks to people in a variety of ways.  He has a few other books too.   
3.  Exercise---even if you don't want to.  At first you are likely to feel miserable and panicky feelings are likely to bubble up OR rush at you.  It is due to the over abundance of adrenaline (fight/flight) in your body.  Stress/Anixety is tough on a body.  But do it anyway. 
4.  While this isn't a magic pill, eat a healthy diet.  This helps on all kinds areas of your life.
5.  Forums often have helpful advice.
6.  Hobbies--anything that completely immerses you in it and keeps you occupied.  This helps because eventually you'll get snippets of time when you feel good.  These are teaching moments because then you know it is obsessions/anxiety mucking with you.  After a while those snippets turn to hours then days etc.
7.  Don't pity yourself.  You can have a happy life.   As we experience life, we change.  Having any form of anxiety will impact your life just like all life experiences do.  But that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Even once you are on the road to recovery, you will have a 'new' normal but that doesn't mean you aren't happy and fulfilled.
8.  Lots of people find meditation helpful.

REMEMBER:  anxiety is a liar.  it will tell you all kinds of garbage.  It is up to YOU to fix this. 

good luck and be well.
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MOST anxiety happens at the subconscious level.  JUST because you don't feel consciously anxious or had a day or two of calm doesn't mean your mind & body are relaxed.  It can take months of reduced anxiety before a body goes back to a more non-reactive state. 


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