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Author Topic: Phantom Smells and Brain Tumor Fear Won't Go Away  (Read 1288 times)

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Re: Phantom Smells and Brain Tumor Fear Won't Go Away
« Reply #10 on: June 29, 2014, 07:22:00 PM »
I'm glad you would tell me if something was wrong.   :yes:

 I really don't like medical tests or procedures.  I get more worked up over the results than the actual fear of disease.  I'm like you in that my HA goes in spurts.  Probably why I don't have many posts.  I can go for many months and be fine, and then a thought gets in my mind and I can't let it go.  But each day is a bit easier.  And I guess mine really stems from having a rare blood clot in my mesenteric vein near my stomach.  My HA thinks I'm now prone to everything that is rare which I know a brain tumor is. 

You are a wealth of comfort sixpack.  Thanks for helping me.   ;D
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Re: Phantom Smells and Brain Tumor Fear Won't Go Away
« Reply #11 on: June 29, 2014, 08:07:54 PM »
yeah i am the same way with tests.  I am OLDDDD  I do the boob squeeze annually AND I got to have my very first colonoscopy cuz I turned 50 this year.  I hate these age related tests because, to me, these tests, while routine mean they are looking for something.   :laugh3:  I don't like the looking for stuff especially when things are fine.   Last summer I had my annual gyno exam.  God love my gyno but honestly this women tests for everything with the words..  "let's just be safe."  I am getting older and with that our periods can get heavier.  well that happens to me from time to time.  so when I told my doc, "yes sometimes I have heavy periods." My doc says,  "let's just be safe and do a uterine biopsy."  I am like "UGH, really.  do I need that.  I mean doesn't it mean a sign of my age?  doc says, "yes but let's just be safe."  she did that with US of my boobs following a normal mammo BUT I have dense breasts and now, in ny, densely boobed ladies are encouraged to have US.  UGH just hate that stuff. 

Now when I KNOW something is awry, I go to the docs.  And such things have happened.  In those cases, while a bit nervous, I don't get whack a do about them.  I think, "Yep, X isn't right.  I need some doctorin'."

Weird how routine stuff is rougher in me than "Yep something ain't right" stuff is easier.  Aw well.....
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MOST anxiety occurs on a subconscious level.  JUST because you don't feel consciously anxious or had a day or two of calm doesn't mean your mind & body are relaxed.  It can take months of reduced anxiety before a body goes back to a more non-reactive state