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Author Topic: sitting here on computer and got burst of panic/adrenalin/weird feeling in head  (Read 111 times)

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randomly out of no where, very scary.. maybe quick panic attack... not sure why it happened... i just took two 5HTP pills I want to try them out.. I did take a xanax at like 2 pm this afternoon but that was 7 hours ago.. my doctor didnt really say I cant take the two on the same day... but either way, was this just a feeling of panic? maybe somethings going to explode in my brain like an anuerysm who knows, but i still feel nervous for no reason now from it... wondering if its a smaller panic attack... was out of no where, feeling of adrenalin rush in my head, i almost jumped up and frreaked out....anyone else get this?
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Offline Toasted Butter

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This is very common for me. It's like a little freak-out that your brain does, and it sends your adrenaline gland into a quick burst and it commonly causes me a moment of depresonalization or derealization. These used to blow up into bigger panic or anxiety attacks but now I understand that it's just neural pathways wired for anxiety and that I can break the circuit and relax and it won't continue to get worse. In other words, don't freak out about your little freak out.
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Offline soaringfalcon

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This happens to me too.  It make me shake my head like a dog for a second or two.  Very weird feeling and can definitely make you feel panicky.  Totally normal.
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Offline corwin

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i get this very often too, i think it's like a buildup of anxiety throughout the day that suddenly flushes out all at once. it's very unsettling but i see so many people on the forums describe the same thing that i think it's only anxiety-related.
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