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Author Topic: I'm really sorry, I know I'm posting a lot but I'm scared I'll harm myself-!  (Read 162 times)

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Offline Daxter

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I've been having awful symptoms over the last few weeks, and they're progressively becoming worse and worse to the point that I fear for my life right now. It's mostly related to my swallowing. If I eat ANYTHING, from rice to bread to my own saliva, it gets stuck - first at the back of my throat, then halfway down and finally gone, hopefully. When it gets stuck, it makes me faint, short of breath and my body forces me to gasp for air due to the airways being blocked. It happens with every mouthful and every swallow, without fail, and always accompanies very thick mucus. Even alkaline water and my Gaviscon Advance medicine get stuck. Right now I have a thick wad of mucus just below my airways that refused to go down no matter how many times I swallow. When I breath in, I can still feel it hanging above my airway, that's how I know for certain it (and food) is still there.

It's present from the moment I wake to the moment I fall asleep. How anxious I am does not relate to how severe the symptoms are - severity is based on how much gets stuck in my airways. Either way it's horrifying, and has convinced me something has damaged my throat permanently. I have a test for reflux coming up, but I'm worried I won't last that long. I'm being deprived of one of the most basic human actions right now, and I can't stand the possibility of an entire lifetime like this if it is reflux!

And to top it off, I've had even more digestive symptoms I never had for a long time before; indigestion, warm throat feeling, burps stuck in throat too, you name it.

Please, I know I've posted a lot but I need some serious help to get me through the next week until someone can see me. I want it to be stress, but how can it be when it's obviously not?!
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Offline Toasted Butter

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It most certainly can be anxiety. Tightness in the throat is a very common symptom of anxiety. When I am having an anxiety attack I feel like I can't swallow properly. My mouth will sometimes salivate excessively as well. I'm sure you've heard people say that they had a "lump in their throat" in response to feeling nervous. Sometimes it feels like my lower jaw and tongue are swollen when I am very anxious. This is pretty typical of anxiety.

Now I'm not saying that you don't have reflux, because you might, but even if you do then there are ways to treat it. And if you don't and it's caused entirely by anxiety, then there are ways to deal with that as well. In the meantime, worrying about it is probably making it worse. That's the vicious cycle; worry about symptoms, symptoms get worse, worry more about symptoms.

I know you're also worried about choking, but if you take small bites and chew well before swallowing then you are actually very unlikely to choke. If you get a little bit of food or water down the wrong tube, well, that happens to everyone occasionally and you'll just cough it out. Unless you are taking large bites of steak and swallowing them without chewing then you will be okay. Large chunks of food have the potential to get lodged and block the airway, but that's why you don't want to swallow large bites of food without chewing.
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Offline Gemgrl2000

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I'm with you on this one.. Had a very stressful week last week and am now having the feeling of a popcorn husk or callus at the very back of my tongue. I feel it when I swallow but not everytime.

I'm also having a lot of mucus and a bit of reflux.

I'm having my own anxiety hell right now with this and don't really have a good answer for you but wanted you to know that you are not alone.
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