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Author Topic: Really weird and scary symptoms, I need someone to talk to please. Panicky.  (Read 241 times)

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Ever since I went off gluten (doctor's orders for now), I have been getting dizzy spells once a day. I'm 23 and female. Today, I have some back pain. My body feels SUPER heavy, and I just feel sedated. Lethargic, dizzy, and light headed. Its been like this for hours. :( I'm getting anxious that something is wrong with my heart - like I'm having blood pressure problems, a heart attack coming, or a stroke. Someone talk me out of this please. I also have pins and needles feelings in my hands and feet. D:
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I can assure you that what you're feeling is not a result of your heart, or any other physical health problem. Many people who stop eating gluten report identical symptoms. The bad news is, you're more or less "addicted" to gluten. Most people are.

For lack of a better term, you're going through withdrawal. And it's going to continue to be highly unpleasant for a while. But it's not abnormal and you are not in danger. Its just what happens when you stop eating gluten.

Hope you feel better soon.
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