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Author Topic: dont know what happend today, seems like ive fallen back a few steps....  (Read 201 times)

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so its 11:10 and im at home and I don't know what went wrong this week, especially today. I had finally got over feeling depressed last weekend and felt the normal anxiousness and then I at work wed. I get anxiety to where I felt I might need to leave work but I toughed it out and felt better by the time I left. Same thing Thursday, Friday went more smoothly but today I wake up and feel anxious. And throughout the day off and on anxiety. Then I go to my g/f's and we start talking about it and I get emotional and usually that makes me feel better but it made me feel worse and I got pretty anxious to where I had to leave an now I sit here typing this confused at to where my road to getting my life back is. When I was depressed I was still able to go to the gym an eat better and not have anxiety worry me. Now depression is less and anxiety is everyday. I haven't been going to the gym like I had an eating decently but not as good as I was. I don't know what to do anymore. My anxiety med doesn't seem to do the job, I don't have a real apptmnt with a mental health doc till july 14th, i'm seeing some social worker/therapist at the family doctor I see but I don't really see that going anywhere. I have been planning on taking a antidprsnt tomarrow and i'm not sure if ive been working myself up with anxiety over finally getting to tomarrow to where I was planning on taking it. I'm real nervous about it but I just have a feeling this could be the answer to my bad anxiety/depression and I need to take it. The way I feel right now is kind of how i'm picturing feeling while taking it the first few weeks. This has been such a confusing period of my life and I just want a path to take and fine peace of mind. sorry I keep posting stuff on here but I don't know who else to talk to.
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Well it appears you got through the working week just fine. Why? Because your mind was distracted with work. You weren't thinking of other things. Saturday and no work and the mind begins to act up. That is just one side of things that stands out. Work is good for you. It takes your mind off of yourself. As for medication. It could have been on your mind. If you are taken one, I would suggest you simply just take it. Don't read up about it first. The less you read the better for you. Not everything you read on the net is true. If you try to read about the medication you might find a load of BS. Let your doctor know the other medication is not working too. May be time for a change of medication.
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