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Author Topic: just when I thought I was having a good day, this happens....please help me out  (Read 483 times)

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 I had gone two years without a HA flare up so I was concerned something was wrong when my lower right side had started hurting. I waiting around for my husband to get home from work. The pain had become progressively worse, I've also thought I had appendicitis several times before and it turned out to be either cysts or nothing. Finally I couldn't take the pain I went in to the ER had a CTscan and they said I had a large cyst (on the left side)  and that I was fine other than that. I couldn't even walk out to the car after discharge and I was throwing up all over the place. Right as we were about to pull into our apartment complex my phone rang, I guess they re-checked my scan and my appendix was extremely inflamed. I went back and had my appendix out later that night. The doctor said I was really lucky because it was close to rupture. My WBC was off the chart. Trust me you'll know the pain is excruciating. I have to mention at the time I didn't have health insurance at the time, so I'm pretty sure that was why it was a delayed response.
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So, I still have the discomfort today. It only hurts when I move certain ways (for instance lifting my right leg, leaning over to my left, ect) It also hurts kinda when I walk.

I've dealt with these exact symptoms before, although this time it seems worse than before. Eventually they just go away in a few days and then i'm perfectly fine for awhile...until my next "attack" comes around.

These symptoms are so strange, and it really freaks me out. What also freaks me out is that I usually only get these symptoms after doing athletic stuff the previous day, so I thought it was a muscle pull. Welp, now that's gone out the window and it was the only glimmer of hope I had left. I'm terrified of going to the doctor, but I might have no choice.

I don't know what to do anymore...
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