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Author Topic: New Here, excited I found a community  (Read 170 times)

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New Here, excited I found a community
« on: June 13, 2014, 05:20:34 PM »
Hi everyone!

I am new here. I have been reading the posts anonymously for a few days now and decided I should join in. I chose my screen name off of friends always saying things like "Scared Much" when I let myself get in a tizzy.

I have a very stressful job - I work in entertainment. About a year ago I went to the hospital with terrible cramp. My doc explained I probably had IBS - that is how all my diagnosis have been "probably." Well for the last few months  I now have tingling in my face, arms, and legs. When I lay down to sleep I will gt this weird feeling like my bed is moving. And everytime I hear a noise in my house I get a rush of an adrenaline and am convinced the end is near  :spineyes:

Needless to say this had to stop. I have an appt with a neurologist on Monday... my doc tried to reassure me but of course I hung on her wording "well MS is something we do always have in the back of our mind" ... helpful. She also put me on Zoloft and suggested a therapist. Has anyone here had luck with Zoloft? I am also ADD and have been on Concerta most of my life... I AM A BARREL OF FUN!!!  :laugh3:

Well just wanted to say all that - and actually typing that out makes some of my arm tingle less.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: New Here, excited I found a community
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2014, 05:48:40 PM »
Hello ScaredMuch...  Welcome to Anxiety Zone!  My name is Chuck, and I am one of the Global Moderators here on the site.

You are now a member of our community, where you will find support and advice from other members in similar situations.   It's always nice to find someone else who understands, and to know you're not alone.

We have sections in the forum that address specific concerns, so feel free to post or start a new topic in the section that best fits your situation.  Feel free to explore the rest of the forum.  You may find the other topics helpful, and you may be able to offer advice or support to someone else.

We also have a chat room for members over the age of 18.  Once you have made three meaningful posts, you will be allowed access to the chat room.

SM, there are many members on the site that are on anti-depressant therapy, including Zoloft (Sertraline).  If you would like to post questions about Zoloft, or read other's posts, I suggest you go to the Medications and Therapy section of the forum.  You will find very informed responses there.

Again, welcome to Anxiety Zone, SM.  The very best to you!...  Chuck :grinning-smiley-003:
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