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Author Topic: Last 4 mornings, first 10 minutes of waking up eyes trouble focusing.  (Read 254 times)

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If there is a object in front of me, and I stare at it, my eyes automatically refocus on it every half second, it feels like my pupils are vibrating, constantly re adjusting themselves. Its like they feel like they want to go cross eyed. If I wake up and stare at something on the wall or say the HP sign 10 feet from me on my computer, I cant stare at the HP sign its like my eyes wander then come back to the HP sign. I feel completely off when I wake up. People say brain tumors are worse in the mornings because of the pressure from laying down all night or something, well could that be the case with me? Ive never heard of such a thing, but im also not sure how anxiety can cause this feeling. I just want to feel normal again, this is all eating me away im sick of it.
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Sorry ValleyPlayer42,
I have read many of your post and I have to ask are you in therapy I can not remember that part so sorry?

You will only find peace once you get a Ct Scan done or a Mri to see if you have one or not and odds are you don't but you need proof you don't because you are so stressed over thinking you have a brain tumor when odds are you don't because everything I have read so far points to Anxiety ,Panic, Hypochondria and more.

It is all scary without a doubt and I so understand the fears I have them myself and all the body symptoms sure can make us believe the worse .

You are asked about a lot in the chat room and missed I don't know why you left but maybe going back would help you I don't know.

I do get the blurry eyes myself and so do many many more people it comes with anxiety or without anxiety and maybe your eyes need tested if you haven't done that.

I wish you the best and hope you start to feel better and get as much help as possible you can and will beat this anxiety monster!
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