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Author Topic: Breakup Blues  (Read 382 times)

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Breakup Blues
« on: May 31, 2014, 05:30:28 PM »
I'm not sure how many of you read my introductory post, but if you did, you'd know pretty much why I'm here. If not, I'll gladly repeat myself for convenience's sake and go in depth and start from the beginning.

Back in March, a friend of mine whom I've known for many years decided to start dating and we hit it off. Ironically we met on a dating site in 2011 but she's been on a mission trip for most of 2012 and focusing on school for most of 2013 so we just had reacquainted with each other. We were a pretty much a perfect team: We both love comics, we both cosplay (Though she's a beginner while I'm a bit more of a well-seasoned vet at this point), we're both musically inclined (She can sing and I play guitar), and honestly the only thing wrong with her was her weight (Which she said she could lose) and her Tourettes Syndrome, both of which I could live with since she could deal with my neuroses (Hypochondria, panic disorder, depression)

We've been together for about a month in a half when all of a sudden my mother (Whom I only stay with now for college instead of paying for a dorm) decided to break us up because of the fact she was overweight and had Tourettes, and it turns out my ex's parents didn't like me because of my looks (Being a long haired man who stands 6 feet tall has its disadvantages) and my panic disorder, so we were forcibly torn apart, and the only way we can communicate without anyone seeing us is by text (Which I suck at)

This sucks because this was so far my only relationship, the only time I could say I loved someone truly instead of a crush, and she was taken away from me because of petty prejudices, and I'm honestly not sure if I can find someone like her again. I can find someone good looking, yes, but they'd never be like her exactly. No one would come close, and honestly I don't know if I'll ever experience love again, since any previous attempts at dating have ended in rejection and at one time almost getting arrested for harassment.

I haven't gotten over it. The pain is still as potent as it was last Monday. I don't know what to do. I almost committed ***** but decided to pray, which saved me from death, but again, the pain remains.
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Re: Breakup Blues
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2014, 10:50:28 PM »
This sounds, honestly, like a situation where you have to grow a pair and just lay it out to your parents that you will date whom you please.  Now if you are financially dependent on them and they aren't the kind of parents that have reasonable discussions over such issues, and I assume she may be likewise to her parents, if this is meant to be you may have to keep the relationship on the dl until you can support yourself and get out from under their roof.  It is a shame when parents intervene in their children's lives over such things, I mean I could understand if one of you was a junkie or thief, but really, given the information you presented, it does seem kind of petty for both sets of parents to interfere with your relationship.  At some point they have to let go and let you find out for yourself what works and doesn't work for you in a relationship.  If the long hair was the only thing bothering her parents, that is easy enough to fix to at least get one set of parents on your side, but if there is more, well, its going to be difficult until you can control your own fate.   
You will have other opportunities in the future, maybe with her, maybe with someone different, but either way, things like this have a way of working out in time. 
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