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Author Topic: Things keep getting worse. How do I know when it's more than just anxiety?  (Read 512 times)

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Go to a professional psychologist if needed. However, consider your options carefully before taking drugs. Medicine may increase ***** rates and can actually make the problem worse. Sometimes people have been given higher doses because people complain of the problem worsening, when in fact the medicine was causing their problems to worsen. It can also be addictive, and permanently alter the brain's ability to generate its own feelings of well-being independently of drugs.
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Hi "Forever Young" - Regarding Klonopin - It was given to me back in  1992, I found a Psychiatrist working with a research team that specialized in this area. The Doctor quickly diagnosed me with "Severe Panic Disorder" and also a condition called "O.C.D".

Klonopin - will stay in your body the longest, and it worked very well for me since it provided "a shield of protection for the whole day" - I was having at least 2x panic attacks and 6 or more anxiety attacks during the day before, especially when driving on a freeway, or on elevator and especially in when we had company staff meetings.
Klonopin - Worked best at night to prevent "Nocturnal Panic Attacks" or "sleep terrors" - it really helped me sleep and would wake up without anxiety.  I was started on the starting dosage of:  .25 mg at bedtime.

The following week they started me on Prozac, which in my case tends to make me a little edgy at first but worked great once I had taken it for a month.  So my Dr. bumped the dosage to .50 mg at bedtime to offset the Prozac Edgy effects.

I was slowly weaned off Klonopin - when the Prozac started working to prevent my panic attacks.

The only concern I would have with Klonopin and Valium is that they stay in your system, and you may wake up groggy - so you want to make sure you are alert before driving in the morning.  I did not have this issue, the opposite for me  - I was RELAXED and Anxiety Free !!

Since I have used all the main benzodiazepines - the advantage of Klonopin/Valium is the one time dosage vs taking Xanax or Ativan 3X per day and having to worry that it wear off during the day and have a panic or anxiety attack.


You mentioned you are switching from Celexa to Zoloft?  Any reason why?  And you were on Prozac before..?  I have taken all three of these meds. 

My reason for switching to different antidepressants - was the "unspoken sexual side-effects" that are very common for these type of meds...

I am currently for the last 7 years - settled back to the best meds with the fewest side effects:  Prozac (Brand name - not generic) 20-40 mg per day and Valium 10 mg at night.  Also have drastically increased my Omega -3 supplements to 2,000-3,000 mg per day based on new promising research that the high dosage of EPA in Omega 3 acts very similar to Prozac and other antidepressants.

I Hope this helps...  Happy to share my experiences...  :happy0151:

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thanks for your reply never quit. I am like you a long time veteran. I had my first panic attack in 1976. I developed bad agrophobia and almost house bound. I was put on imipramine in 1987 and got a lot better but never faced all my demons. I took this medicine until 2011 where I decided to try the newer ssris. I was told Prozac was good by a friend as she took 60 mg and got over her agrophobia but she also took klonopin with it and still does. stupid me I took Prozac for a year and went off it slowly. I was trying to buy health insurance and thought I should be off medicine to show healthy. I had s terrible weird spell 2 months after quitting and they got worse and I got scared of them and I became a mess. I tried getting back on Prozac but the insomnia was horrible and I became afraid to that. so I tried celexa I took it for about 6 months and it doesn't seem to be doing all it should as I am having still bad weak spell . I have switched to Zoloft as I tried it but never stayed on it that long as I thought Prozac was the best. I am just 5 days in to switching. I have started having bad health anxiety right now I am focused on my heart. the spells I get make me feel very weak and light headed and tight in my chest. I can't get it out of my mind that something is wrong with me. I saw I pdr 2 wks ago and told him about my fears and agrophobia that I need to work on. he gave me the klonopin. I live in a small rural town with not much medical care and if I had to have severe medical care I would have to go out of town and at this time it would be very hard for me. I was wondering if the klonopin would help with panic when facing ones fears. I feel like I can relate to you being a long time suffer. I wished I hadn't gone off my medicine I was feeling really good. I hadn't had a panic attack in 30 yrs. I feel I am on the bottom right now. I hope the Zoloft helps me.
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