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Author Topic: A silly question about Rescue Remedy and returning symptoms after 12 months  (Read 230 times)

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Desperate to find something to help my newest symptoms - shortness of breath, arm pain in both arms and feeling so much head pressure I feel I'm going to pass out are the latest changes - I've invested in Rescue Remedy, because I'm scared of all these symptoms possibly being caused by reflux. I felt so bad that I went through a bottle in a day. It got rid of the shortness of breath, but I had a fatigue, a very tight chest and my arm pain worsened. I also felt like I was burping the stinging liquid back up again hours later. Today, I'm back to the shortness of breath thing again...

I then learned R.Remedy contains alcohol solution; at least 25% of a 30ml bottle is alcohol of unknown strength.
This is already a blow for me as, morally, I hate alcohol and told myself I wouldn't touch the stuff. As for my reflux, the sudden changing/worsening of some of my other symptoms makes me worry that the alcohol in the medicine may have made my (potential) reflux worse. Is this possible, or is there too little alcohol in the Remedy to worry about?

One other important thing before I forget; I've been anxious all year around about having reflux, but it's been 12 months since I last felt these symptoms. Last time I did, I was frantically worried about my heart. How come my symptoms have come full-circle again, when I've been equally anxious - and even suicidally depressed - all this time?
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I would stay away from alcohol products and consult your
physician and explain your symptoms and concerns.
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