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Author Topic: CAT Scan done. I do NOT have a brain tumor. But these were my symptoms...  (Read 725 times)

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My husband took me to the ER last night because I had a breakdown due to my brain tumor fears.

The headaches I've had for 3 weeks hardly ever went away. What's worse, the results from my lab work last week came in and I was able to look at the results on my doctor's patient portal website. Other than the usual (cholesterol, triglycerides too high), my calcium serum was 10.3 (10.2 is the uppermost of "normal"). So....what do all us HA sufferers do when they see something like that? Ask Dr. Google the Quack!! I totally freaked out when I read all the "info" on high calcium serum levels. It put me over the edge and I finally told my husband to take me to the ER because I was having a breakdown.

Long story short, they did more labs, did a CAT scan of my head, xray of my chest, a couple of doctors told me a 10.3 calcium level was clinically insignificant, etc. Everything came out clear (ok they found I had a bladder infection - was put on antibiotics). They even said my calcium serum level from the labs they took then was perfectly normal! What a relief!

I wanted to list down some of the symptoms I had because it may help someone here allay some of their fears, even for a little bit. I know when we have HA, it feels like "Hurray for their results, but I KNOW *I* have ______"   

But maybe even for one minute of sanity for someone, here is a list of my symptoms which I was TOTALLY convinced was because I had a brain tumor:

- daily headaches on the right side of my head only. I had a tender spot at the very top middle part of my head, The headache felt like someone put a heavy brick right on the top right of my head. Sometimes the headaches lasted all day.

-  my right temple hurt and my right ear felt plugged up (the doctor looked last week and didn't see any sign of ear or sinus infection).

- I was convinced my right eye is more popped out a little more than my left. I still think it looks bigger than my left, but obviously it's not because of something like a tumor - maybe it's just age and my left eyelid is just sagging more than the other.

- My right leg felt like it was trembling from the inside, and had the pins and needles feeling. It got so bad one time I think I was walking with a limp.

- My right cheek up to my outer ear also had some tingling.

- Right arm half way down tingled sometimes.

- Feeling of pressure when I turned my head to the right or looked down (I was convinced this was because of pressure from a tumor).

- Right eye more blurry than left.

I had all these symptoms for weeks, Googled myself into insanity and then the CAT scan shows no brain tumor. What I did have was extremely high blood pressure (170/100) probably from my anxiety. I was put on high blood pressure meds right away.

I don't know why I had these symptoms when I don't have a brain tumor. Some I'm sure is from being convinced I had one (brought it on myself), others from stress, and others were real but just the aches and pains everybody gets.

I read somewhere that people may not be able to overcome their health anxiety until they learn to be at peace with the uncertainties of life. I'll be working on that part. I don't know how to go about it, but I must find this peace!

P.S. I think Dr. Google should be sued for malpractice and run out of town!!!

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Every single one of those symptoms were caused by your anxiety.


Your brain is very powerful, and anxiety supercharges it. It can cause you to feel sick even if you're perfectly healthy.

Ever hear of the placebo effect? If not, let me run an example by you:

A doctor gives a patient some medication. The patient's symptoms go away. Turns out the pills were fake.....empty capsules filled with sugar.

Why did the symptoms go away? Because the patient thinks the pills were real, and their brain power alone cured them. Amazing, right?

So, get a hold of your anxiety and your symptoms will diminish in a couple of months. They can take awhile to go away.

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"everything will be alright in the end. If everything's not alright, it's not quite the end!"


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Im getting an Xray tomorrow and am very scared. My back has been hurting on the left this entire year. Ive been worried about pancreatic cancer but when my blood clacium was high I started to worry about Lung Cancer or Multiple Myeloma since these cause high blood calcium, but my calcium has gone down to the 9's.

Im still afraid of the xray and radiation
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