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Author Topic: Moving your feelings about to feel better.findings  (Read 131 times)

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Moving your feelings about to feel better.findings
« on: May 27, 2014, 04:42:56 AM »
I haven't shard here for a long time, so im going to post my findings,

some of you might be familiar with what im saying, and I will try my best to explain...

I often get a tension in my stomach the make is harder for me to breath, the explanation as to what this is is not important, so how can we remove this feeling quickly.... This is a very simple, and it might take some practice ? for me I notice the feeling in my stomach and simple move it to me chest, as soon as the feeling is in my chest it dissipates into nothing.

here is a good video that might be of help to explain what is happing and why

there is also a pdf that I found on goggle of his book called The_Chimp_Paradox_Peters_Dr_Steve.pdf
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Re: Moving your feelings about to feel better.findings
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2014, 10:38:02 AM »
This was an interesting post to see on here today.

I am at the point with my disorder now where I understand that my mind is what is controlling my physical and emotional feelings. Just this morning I went for a walk because it is beautiful out today. I felt pretty good on the walk. My heart rate as normal, breathing was calm. Then I stepped into the corner store to buy something to drink. Suddenly my state changed. I wanted to get a deeper breath and my heart started to race. I knew it was just my mind and tried to tell myself in my head that I am alright. It didn't work and I didn't calm down until I was out of the store and back on my walk.

When I got back home I was feeling more calm and I thought to myself "I am going to take my car for a quick spin around the block". (I have been completely avoiding my car for at least 2 weeks now.) I got in started it up and I felt a bit nervous but I still managed to pull out of the parking lot and drive around the back streets of my block twice. I got a little more gutsy and so for the third time around I changed my direction and headed for a busier street. Once I got to the stop sign I was in panic mode. Heart racing again and thoughts of throwing the car in reverse and turning around. Instead of doing that I just turned onto the busier road when I had an opening. I was still panicking but I toughed it out until I got to the next side street and made my way back home.

I am trying so hard to find the root of my negative thought process that leads to this overwhelming anxiety. It's hard. It's like it's subliminal and I don't even recognize it coming. It just happens.

Thanks for the video. It was interesting and start into understanding that I have two thought processes almost battling each for control.
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