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Author Topic: New symptoms... Old symptoms... Who the heck knows symptoms  (Read 354 times)

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I have no idea what my current concern is, but something is wrong. I can't even sort it out anymore... Which is probably a symptom of something!
My biggest problem is an overwhelming certainty that something is most definitely wrong, with my stomach or my brain or a tumor that has traveled from my stomach to my brain. I feel disconnected, scared, and have seriously begun obsessing over my body, does anyone else do this? Where they spend a good portion of their day examining their hands or legs or even bowel movements?
So here is where I am at:
I feel dizzy
I feel lightheaded
I have terrible headaches
My back hurts
I think I'm developing random unseen blood clots (not sure how I know this)
I have tingling in my fingers
I'm nauseous
I'm tired
I look forward to going to sleep... And then I can't fall asleep... And I certainly can't stay asleep.

Recently I went to doctor asking for more bloodwork but realize I'd love another abdominal MRI and then another stress test and while we're at it, another brain MRI... And yes, I use the word "another" because I've had them all (more than once) but it's been awhile (6 months - a year) and who knows what could have developed in this time.

And while I sound like I'm kidding... I most definitely am not! I am scared beyond belief. I want to cry because I'm so scared to leave my family. And I leave them anyways, as I'm so disconnected because I'm either googling symptoms, going to cancer and neurology forums, or checking myself out 24/7.

Please... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Re: New symptoms... Old symptoms... Who the heck knows symptoms
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2014, 09:34:58 PM »
Well for what it's worth, every one of the symptoms you have listed are ones I too experience. I've had the tests, much as you have, and have come to accept that these are all very much things that come with anxiety. I can sympathize with the whole obsession checking thing, and the horrible fear that comes with these symptoms. If you've been tested, and the doctors feel that nothing is wrong, then it's almost certain that nothing is wrong.
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Re: New symptoms... Old symptoms... Who the heck knows symptoms
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2014, 11:45:36 PM »
I have all those symptoms plus more. Lower back pain, shortness of breath and whole body fatigue when I wake up. It sucks. Trying the candida diet, dunno what else.
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