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Author Topic: Buzzing in bladder/pelvic region  (Read 453 times)

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Buzzing in bladder/pelvic region
« on: May 25, 2014, 01:57:46 PM »
Hi everyone.. Just to preface, I'm a 28 year old male.. Lately I've had all kinds of symptoms.. Sciatica on both sides (off and on).. Toe and leg spasms, spasms in my lower abdomen.. weakness in my legs.. My right hamstring is really sore as if I worked out.. and today I have this annoying "buzzing" or tingling/fluttering feeling in my lower left pelvic region... I suppose where the bladder is... and last night after urinating, I had this electric shock type pain go up from my private part through my bladder all the way to my head.. freaked me out.. Can anyone reasssure me?  Not sure what's going on.. I have fears of MS/ALS like everyone here.  I do have a macro prolactinoma.. aka benign pituitary tumor that's about 2cm and I've been on bromocriptine since october to shrink it. . I did have a brain  MRI with contrast recently for the prolactinoma.. not sure if that would have shown MS or ALS?  I'm also under a ton of stress.  My back tightens up too.. It's no fun.  Sometimes I feel like I'm focusing to heavily on my symptoms which enhances them.  Sort of a stuck feeling, as if I'm living inside my lower half.  Any insight is appreciated.
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Re: Buzzing in bladder/pelvic region
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2014, 09:30:19 PM »
Could be related to the sciatica, as pinched nerves can cause a buzzing feeling.
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