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Author Topic: "Are you insane?" asked my psychiatrist.  (Read 354 times)

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"Are you insane?" asked my psychiatrist.
« on: May 22, 2014, 11:02:03 PM »
I've been having a difficult week. I'd been doing great for weeks. No intrusive thoughts, no depression. I felt gloriously normal. This was after three weeks of Prozac, and 6 weeks of terrible intrusive thoughts and major depression. So this week when I felt like I was slipping, I was nervous about it, and sad.

I happened to have an appointment with my pdoc today, which happen once a month. I told him that after three weeks of awesomeness, I was disappointed to feel like I was regressing. He laughed and said, "Are you insane?!" I said, "A little! Look where I am!" He apologized for saying it, I didn't need an apology, it was funny. But then he said something helpful. He said, "When you have a few weeks of nice weather, do you think, 'Well, I guess it's going to be perfect forever,'?"

Of course not.

This is temporary.
I do not need to think these thoughts. It's just OCD messing with me.
Thanks for reading. I hope your winning all you battles.
fight on!
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I'm not crazy, I've just lost my mind