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Author Topic: Can handle this anymore  (Read 206 times)

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Can handle this anymore
« on: May 22, 2014, 09:34:49 AM »
I've suffered from migraines since my adolescence.  I had a period of 8 months with no migraine, it was awesome!  The end of March I had one (after a period of extreme stress), usual migraine with aura, however it left me with visual snow-my vision looks like TV static, some days its hard to read, go online etc.  I'm still stressed and anxious. I went to the dr yesterday (saw the aprn) and she told me it is rare and once my insurance kicks in we will do an mri in a month.  I passed the neuro exam in her office with no problem.  She told me if I lose my vision completely, lose hearing or have tingling to call her back...not something to tell someone with HA.  I asked her if this could be the result of my extreme stress/anxiety that I had at the end of March/beginning of April.  She said not likely.  I went home and had a panic attack, of course today now I feel tingly.  I'm so scared, anxious and depressed today I dont want to leave my home.  You can only imagine the things going through my head. :traurig001:
On top of it, I started seeing a therapist who told me I need to accept the fact that I have a disability now due to my eyes :(  I'm hoping someone can give reassurance to help me through the day, thanks.
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Re: Can handle this anymore
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2014, 12:06:09 PM »
So sorry you are dealing with this.  I have also had migraines for years, but recently started having a new type of headache, cloudy wacked out vision, tingling and other neurological symptoms.  My MRI and CT scan came back clean.  Not sure if your therapist is the right person to tell you you have to accept you have a disability.  I'd wait for a doctor to diagnose you as such and given your symptoms, I'm sure your tests will come back clean like mine, drastically increasing the chances that whatever is going on can be fixed/will resolve.
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