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Author Topic: Rabies fear  (Read 412 times)

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Rabies fear
« on: May 22, 2014, 03:25:16 AM »
Ok guys, now before i tell you about what i am now concerned about, i think you should know that i am a huge hypochondriac. I am 17 and i have been fearful of a lot of things ever since i was 14. Now i assume I will be like this my whole life, which is going to really suck :( Ok anyways heres my concerns. Also, please read the whole post and Give me your opinions, and maybe you guys can also do some research, and shed some light on the subject. Alright, here we go...

At about 7:00 PM me and my mom gave a can of cat food to the neighborhood cat. We have known her for about a year, and she frequently gets in fights with this other cat. The cat she fights is mainly an indoor cat, but he is let outdoors every once and a while. Ok anyways, we dumped the can of cat food out in front of our door on the sidewalk, and we sat down and waited for her to finish eating. She got stuffed and left, however there was some food left. So we went inside and i came back outside with my dog, 3 hours later, and more of the food was gone. Now the thing that concerns me is, I dont know what animal came by and ate some more of the food. It could have been a dog, a mouse, a raccoon, or the cats. So when my dog was walking around outside he went right up to the little bit of remaining food, and he licked it. I right away yelled at him, and he walked away from it. He did not pick it up and eat it, he just sniffed it and licked it. Do you think he could have gotten rabies from this exposure? I do live in the city, and i have never seen a raccoon in my area out of all the years we have lived here. From what i have read so far, the risk of my dog getting rabies is very slim. But i am still concerned. So here is some of the information I have gathered so far.

Rabies doesn't live very long in saliva out of the body. It was cold at that time of night, about 50 degrees, so rabies could have survived longer. the area around the food was dry (and dry saliva means dead rabies) But the food he licked was still moist. But here is why i think him getting rabies from this event is very slim. Rabies doesn't survive very long outside the body, and rabies is also very rare in the USA. (about 80 reported cases of rabies in dogs in 2008 throughout all of the united states) And, my dog had what is called a non-bite exposure. Which is also a rare way of getting rabies. And not to mention, rabies is only infectious in saliva once it has gotten to the brain of the animal. Which means, there is like a 20 day period of an animal with rabies being infectious, because after rabies reaches the brain, the animal dies soon after. So in summary, rabies doesn't survive long outside the body, it is rare in the US, and getting rabies from a non bite exposure is also rare, and an animal that has rabies in their saliva dies soon after. So him getting rabies is like a rare, rare, rare, rare event. but like i said, the food was still moist, so the whole rabies outside of the body thing doesnt apply, because it was not dried saliva. Now it is unknown if the neighborhood cat has rabies, because she frequently gets in fights, so it is likely she might have rabies. So I guess if she is still around in 20 days, she probably doesnt have rabies. Like i said, we have known her for about a year, and we live in a culdesac, so we havent seen any new/unknown animals around here.

So that is what i came up with when i googled rabies. I told my mom about my concerns, and she said she is not concerned, and she says it was probably the neighborhood cat that came by and ate some more of the food. She says if it was a stray dog that came and ate the rest of the food, it would probably have been completely gone. But i am still concerned that my dog can get rabies from licking the food, that another animal came by and ate. Like I said, we dont know for sure if it was the neighborhood cat that came back and ate more. It could have been any animal. What are your thoughts?
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Re: Rabies fear
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2014, 03:44:07 AM »
Isn't your dog vaccinated for rabies?  It is usually part of the shots that any dog gets at the vet regularly.  Aside from that, I would think that the likelihood that your dog got rabies from the food is extremely minimal.  If your dog is anything like mine it licks tons of things when let outside and any of those things could be contaminated and still she has always been fine.  That type of transmission of rabies is extremely rare.  You dog will be fine, and I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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Re: Rabies fear
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2014, 04:49:31 AM »
Rabies in this country is usually spread by bats. Through bites. So I'd say the chances are super remote and not worrisome at all.

There's basically no chance of him getting that in such a situation, your pooch is fine.
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