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Author Topic: Had some beer last night not sure if this is what its from. Lower right stomach.  (Read 176 times)

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Lower right stomach feels like theres a big gas bouble there all day but no gas. It kind of makes me nauseous when I notice it and kind of want to vomit. Its lower right stomach. Very annoying. Can this be related to my brain t umor fear somehow or something terrible.
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I don't believe that a brain tumor caused it I would say the beer did depending on if you have been drinking or not drinking and just not used to drinking also what did you eat or drink or how did you sleep also when was the last time you had a bowel movement? 
Hope you feel better but I would say stay away from the beer or watch what you and drink throughout the day.

I have read your other post that you believe you have a brain tumor and asked for testing and the doctor feels you don't need an mri well he is the doctor and if you are someone that sees him on a regular basis then he knows you pretty well by now if it continues then ask for a ct scan maybe he will cave in and say okay.
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