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Author Topic: if anyone has any experience with a brain tumor please reply to me im sorry.  (Read 436 times)

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I am just going absolutely nutts with this feeling I have had. I cant tell if its constant or if its happening most of the day but its there often. I have a feeling like I am on an elevator! It makes no sense. This all started from a STRONG feeling like that the day after drinking 8 beers and 6 shots off whiskey all on an empty stomach and ate nothing the next day. 2 1/2 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no reason I should feel lightheaded, off balance, random tingling, random light headaches etc still! Yes I was nervous when it happened scared the hell out of me but I mean come on. My doctor insists Im fine, my ENT who looked into my ear, did an audiogram and said its no brain tumor.... wont even do an MRI. I am usually ok when im laying down. But it does worsen when I move my head to quick, or stare up at the cieling/roof(on a job) then look back down. I had quit smoking 2 months ago, then relapsed and quit again 1 month ago. My blood pressure has lowered from an average of 145/95 to 120/80. This cant be it though because I quit AFTER that first dizzy spell.

I have always been one to worry about every single sensation in my body, but I cant miss this off balance sensation. When I sit up after typing this and using the laptop, im going to feel it very much I know it, its gonna be there.

I am deathly afraid its a brain tumor. How can it not be my inner ear if it occurs sometimes when staring up, or moving head quick etc. Maybe I did something to my neck (massages dont work)

I DONT KNOW, I just pray every night it wont be there the next day. Sometimes it takes longer to kick in the dizziness feeling other times as soon as I open my PATHETIC EYES!
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My dad had a benign brain tumor 6 years ago. His symptoms were nothing like yours (tho I'm sure everyone is different - I won't mention his symptoms as not to bring them on in you).

What you're experiencing sounds a lot like what I had years ago - BPPV - a form of vertigo. I would get horrible dizzy spells when I would move my head quickly, look up, even rolling over in bed would bring on a spell. My ENT did the Eppley Maneuver on me and I haven't had an episode since (touch wood!). I hope this is what you are dealing with as it's an easy fix. Take care!
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Hearing you talk about this sounds like what I am recovering from. It started with me feeling like the floor was moving up and down underneath my feet which lead me to thinking all kinds of things. Including a brain tumor.

I did not have the dizziness though like you are having. Mine was a bad sinus infection that went on a long time and thru my balance off which shot up my anxiety.

It sounds like you may have inner ear problem. Like bppv. You need to go to your ent again and tell them you want inner ear testing and maybe a ct scan to assure you that you don't have a brain tumor. Do not google! It really did me in and had me worrying constantly. I'm still trying to forget I'm real sick with some unknown disease. I did have ct scan and was clear of lesions. Please do not worry cause if you think it's cancer, you are gonna be sicker than what you are. I learned hard way! 
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"The only illness that we can't accept is hypochondria."

"Never Google, everyone will catch an invisible tumor!"

"Anxiety is not a doctor. Neither is the internet."

Actual diagnosis : chronic sinusitis.
Google diagnosis : brain cancer.

Symptoms : dizzy head feeling.


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