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Author Topic: I Might Be on to Something!!  (Read 543 times)

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Re: I Might Be on to Something!!
« Reply #15 on: May 23, 2014, 11:49:16 PM »
I've been trying to do the same. Like when my cheek feels like it wants to get numb or feel weird which is one of the worst ones, I've been trying to just say it's stress and anxiety from worrying over a brain tumor cause of google and I've noticed it will start to subside. I felt like my two fingers on my right hand the ring and pinky felt like they didn't want to grip things hard to explain and weird I know and was making me think I was losing coordination so I put a big bandaid on my ring finger lol and to prove it's all in my head.

I had read so much on brain Tumors and saw a guy talking and how his mouth was off. And I get afraid the right corner of my mouth will droop but yet my mouth feels no twitching or weirdness it's just in my head that I feel like it does. Funny how headaches do not make me worry cause I know they are normal for me.

I guess it's a good way of testing ourselves to see if it's just in our heads, and what isn't. The more our minds focus on our body, we will get anxious about everything. I first had health anxiety at 19. This is my second battle and I'm 36. Not long ago I laughed at how I was worried about my heart at 19 and 20 years old. Now here I am acting same way only this time it's not my heart. My brain! Even after cr scan. And something as little as a sinus infection was the trigger cause it threw my eqilibrium off and then there was dr google. Lesson learned. Never google!
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"The only illness that we can't accept is hypochondria."

"Never Google, everyone will catch an invisible tumor!"

"Anxiety is not a doctor. Neither is the internet."

Actual diagnosis : chronic sinusitis.
Google diagnosis : brain cancer.

Symptoms : dizzy head feeling.