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Author Topic: dizzy this morning, face feels hot, and i pace around anyone else"?  (Read 399 times)

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does anyone else pace around in the middle of the night or at any time of day, and sort of freak out and think... "oh my god im dying, this is it, its a brain tumor, its this--its that"? But really get scared and want to cry?

i had that this morning, i woke up.. my lightheaded and my dizziness is there, i just wanted it to be a dream... my face felt real hot like i had a fever,i was in the sun yesterday but i felt like i had a fever, didnt take my temperature was too afraid so i took two tylenol and im not as hot... but i was pacing around thinking this is it, i have a brain tumor, my doctors are wrong, im dizzy im lightheaded im pacing im completely nervous and panicked in my body, im thinking its  a fever, that im about to have a seizure, its just driving me nutts. i have never had an MRI my doctors have never recommended one.. imp robably the only person with anxiety whos never had an MRI or catscan thinking they have a brain tumor ..

yes i have though a brain tumor numerous times.. but this is different this time and its lasted 2 1/2 months .. it all started a night after drinking and 2 days after someone telling me a kid I graduated with just had brain tumor surgery .. not sure if that triggered it, but i didnt think about it at all so im not sure why it would have..and to still have this 2 1/2 months later.. im definitly dying -- id ont even want to deal with this feeling or anxiety anymore, i honestly dont
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