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Author Topic: Does being groggy make you anxious?  (Read 342 times)

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Does being groggy make you anxious?
« on: May 10, 2014, 05:26:13 PM »
When are feeling groggy, sleepy kind of out of it. Does it make you feel like you are kind of gonna go loopy or are slowly dying? Lol 
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Re: Does being groggy make you anxious?
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2014, 09:11:01 PM »
Actually for me I think its the other way around, the anxiety is what makes me groggy, exhausted and then more anxious again. Your symptoms (and mine) are classic with anxiety. Anxiety takes a toll on your mental and physical health so its not abnormal that we are groggy and tired most of the time!
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Re: Does being groggy make you anxious?
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2014, 09:15:42 PM »
oh yes, i get this all the time. it's especially nervewracking when i'm in public or when i'm driving. it doesn't make me nervous at home because i can just lie down in bed and wait it out, but if i'm out somewhere then i get awful thoughts of passing out or blacking out or a multitude of other awful things (none of which ever happen).

i've found that one way to combat this fear of feeling groggy is to just ask myself, "does anyone without anxiety get nervous at feeling groggy?" the answer is always no, and that sort of pulls me out of my anxiety and makes me see it from a different perspective; knowing that feeling tired/groggy/out of it is a normal sensation that everyone goes through, but us folks with anxiety blow it up into something much bigger.
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Re: Does being groggy make you anxious?
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2014, 12:57:33 AM »
I do get anxious sometimes. Sometimes I convince myself that I'm not just groggy, I'm actually dizzy, faint, or about to pass out. I've also convinced myself that I will have a seizure from lack of sleep/being tired since it is a trigger in epileptic people (though I am not epileptic and have never had a seizure in my life). It's not all the time, especially if I can lay down and sleep, but if I'm out and about and doing something I get really nervous that something bad will happen or that it's more than just grogginess/tiredness!
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