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Author Topic: Do you have 'Disease of the Day' syndrome?  (Read 409 times)

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Do you have 'Disease of the Day' syndrome?
« on: May 10, 2014, 12:21:55 PM »
Okay, so I made it up, but do you have whatever you read about or hear about?

Late last night my younger sister in law (she lives other coast) called to say her biopsy showed Invasive Ductile Carcinoma of the Breast.  By morning, I was sure I had it.  The only 'symptom' I found was a skin tag where my elastic on my bra goes and it's not much bigger than a pin head. I've put off having a mammogram for 2 1/2 years because I've had 7 full body PET/CT's, 1 CT w/iodine, 1 Chest CT w/o idodine (allergic now) and 1 abdominal MRI in 26 months.  I figured I was covered!

Friday my doctor's office called and said 'Doctor wants you to come in so he can explain your pap smear.'  I rushed over, waited 3 hours total to be told the baby he was delivering was going to take even longer so go home and he'll call. By time he called, I was planning my funeral. Turns out I have inflammation ASC-US and since I have only had the one sex partner for 44 years and my tests for HPV and all other things were negative and the pap showed no atypical or precancerous cells, he thinks it's old lady crotch.   He wanted me to come in so I wouldn't panic and he could fully answer every question.

Yesterday I read of a friend's sister who is in the hospital with C-Diff/ serious colitis because of an antibiotic. Well I've had 5 antibiotics since Jan.  3 of them were MY FAULT because I drove my doctor crazy with complaints of sinus issues, throat issues, stuffed up nose issues.  I looked it up and it can take a month after your last dose for this to appear. I've got 6 days left. I kid you not, I searched all sorts of records to figure out my last dose. THEN I was afraid to have a BM today, in case it was diarrhea.

Had tonsillitis on one side. Doc said allergies and it would take a long time to go down because of the pollen. One sided swollen tonsils is a sign of tonsil cancer (VERY rare and usually caused by HPV, which I don't have).  4 doc visits and they assure me that the one is swollen because I sleep on that side and all the sinus gunk was running onto that tonsil for 8 hours at a time. It would slowly go down. Cancer doesn't 'go down'.  So it's almost back to normal.

Whatever I read see or hear of,  I've got it.

I wish there were no such thing as Google!  Ignorance would be bliss! I'm so tired of this craziness!  It was better for a while after I had my CT/ MRI and cancer blood work done in April but BOOM!

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Re: Do you have 'Disease of the Day' syndrome?
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2014, 02:20:13 PM »
I used to be that way more so than I am now. I could hear about a disease and its symptoms and them start feeling similar symptoms. The whole C.Diff scare rings true for me right now. Im 33. I have never, not once ever heard of c.diff until last week. I went to the dr for a sebaceous cyst that is almost on my spine at the base of my skull. I drained it once a couple years ago and it took it a very long time to grow back. Well the doc said it appears to have a secondary infection and prescribed me AMoxicillin. I asked him was he going to drain it or remove it? He said no I think its best if we leave it alone. That made me mad.  I made the mistake of reading the pamphlet even though I have took amoxicillin a few times in the past with no side effects whatsoever. I almost didnt take the antibiotics because of the whole c.diff thing. I weighed my odds of getting c.diff and leaving this cyst infected. I figured my odds were very low for c.diff since I do not have a compromised immune system. I havent been an an antibiotic in over 2 years maybe longer. I also started taking philips colon health probiotics along with the meds and am going to continue taking them til finished.

In my early 20s I took alot of antibiotics for several different things and never got c.diff.  Now im very careful about taking antibiotics bc my old doc gave me antibiotics every time I had a sinus infection. Well, I have learned that I recover from these sinus infections without antibiotics.
I doubt you will get c.diff. I hope you everything turns out fine. I just finished my amoxicillin this past thursday. so l guess my month wait starts now? lol wish me luck!
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