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Author Topic: what is happening to me ?  (Read 402 times)

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what is happening to me ?
« on: May 06, 2014, 09:37:08 AM »
Hi guys
I'm new here but I have been reading some posts already.
I don't know when it happened but I feel like I'm loosing it.
Few months ago I started to feel buzzing in my left arm and leg. Quick search convince that I have MS. I went to the doctor (GP) which is a friend of my. He told me that I don't have typical symptoms of MS so he said not to worry about it. He did all my blood work everything came back ok. Since he know me and I need to have solid proofs he sent me for brain MRI which within I had results in 2 days and he went over with me to prove me that there is nothing wrong. I noticed that my buzzing goes away when I elevate my leg up so he send me for my neck and lumber MRI. That came back with 2 herniated discs in my neck and 3 in my lumber. Also lumber discs have mild stenosis. He said that this could be causing that buzzing feeling in my left side. On the top of that I have a mild case of sciatica (I still have sore thigh). I started to feel better. I took b12, magnesium, gaba to come me down. After few weeks out of nowhere I started to get random twitching ( legs, chest, stomach and arms ) When I noticed that I freaked out. I lift up my shirt and I could see my chest muscle rapidly contract. I think it went away as soon I come down but that was freaky. For the next few days it started to slowly go away but never disappearing. It would be in calf, arm etc. Not as often as before. At this point I noticed my left hand shakes more then right one but I tried tried to convince myself that it is because of my neck/lumber problem. Shakiness is still there but barely noticeable. Then I would start having cloudy urine once a day. I stopped taking supplements then cloudiness stopped for a few days and came back again. I knew I wasn't drinking enough water. If I had more water in that day I would not have this cloudiness. Today 5am my leg woke me up twitching right above my knee. I could see that happening. different frequencies, When I moved my leg into different position  it would stop but then as soon as I relax it would come back. The more I move the less it was there.

what is going on with me - am I loosing it ??? I drive myself crazy about MS and ALS and then my body plays tricks on me or maybe im just sick.

Thank you for all your help
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