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Author Topic: Panic Attacks and Hyper-flexibility (an experiment)the more responses the better  (Read 514 times)

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I posted here a while ago.
I had panic attacks since I was around 11 (now I am 24). However they got much worse after I got this ringing in my ears one night (I believe it was because of loud sound exposure) and lost many days of sleep. All this experience just spiraled out of control and with the stresses of my everyday life it got me in a terrible place mentally. However now it has gotten a lot better. So I can finally say I feel mostly at ease, especially that I have my sleeping under control.

The reason I am posting this is that I want to see how many people here have hyper-flexibility (as I do). Because I read an article stating that there is a genetic connection between hyper-flexibility and panic attacks. Also I would like to include another part to my questionnaire which also deals with sexuality because there is some connection between the part of the brain that deals with panic and sex. However the last question will be more biased because you can't really measure how sexual someone is.

Just so you know, I am about to graduate from Medical School and I find certain aspects of science and experiments very fascinating. Especially when it comes to learning about ourselves.
So I would like to do a rudimentary experiment to gain further insight into this condition. If I get enough samples I would try and write a short article about my findings and I would really appreciate all the input. I have nobody sponsoring me to do this. This is just something I want to do on my own accord in hopes of gaining better understanding. You can also send me a private message if you don't want to share your information here.

So I would like to know the following things about you:
-Age when your panic attacks started? (and your current age)
-Are your panic attacks recurrent and how frequently do you get them and during what situations?
-Are you hyper-flexible? ( can you bend your thumb to your wrist like in this picture (
-Does anyone else in your family have hyper flexibility?
-Where do your panic attacks happen?
-What do you  feel during a panic attack?
-What do you do to ease/get through it?
-Do you feel that you are a sexual person or do you feel that that aspect of your life does not take precedence?

I can start my self as the sample

Age of first panic attack: 11 (now 24)
Panic attacks: Recurrent (more frequent when I first got them, with increase of frequency during some stressful situations)
Hyper-flexibility: Able to bend thumb down to wrist
Hyper-flexibility in family: My mom and her father have hyper-flexibility 
Panics mainly happen: In the beginning it was classrooms, later more frequent in shopping centers/big inside locations, sometimes in transportation (buses, trains), very rarely from highly emotional state or drinking alcohol 
Panic attack feeling: A need to escape and a sense of doom/dying, feeling that I cant breath, sometimes shaking/increased heart rate
What do I do to get rid of it: In the beginning I would ask someone to distract me,also I would clean my room. Later on I started to go home as quickly as possible (especially when I had no one to talk to) and three times I went to the emergency room. I find that the most effective thing for me is to be with someone who can hold/hug me or if I get to do something on the computer.
Sexuality: I feel like I am a sexual person

Anyways, thank you for your time. I will really appreciate any responses.

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