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Author Topic: Gas pains all day?  (Read 474 times)

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Gas pains all day?
« on: April 27, 2014, 06:33:43 PM »
I'm a 30-something male.  I normally have gas pains from time to time, lasting 20-30 min. Bloated feeling in upper abdomen which is relieved by lying down and massaging area. I've had multiple abdominal surgeries and have scar tissue and mesh in abdomen.  I've had these pains for 6 years now, just today they're not going away as easily, and the usual methods of lying down on my back, massaging the area, and taking GasX aren't working as well. As I write this it is slowly improving, but still pains in the upper abdomen that are sort of moving around and gurgling. What makes me nervous is not the pains themselves but the fact that they're lasting most of the day.

Today I woke up with the same thing, and not a big deal at first, but now I've had these pains all day (not too severe) and have only passed gas once or twice.   Naturally this set off a panic attack because I can't get rid of this and it's just making me more tense and nervous.  Does anyone else have gas pains and cramping lasting most of the day?

I've tried Simethicone gel caps and Naproxen (Alleve), heating pad, light exercise, but still the dull sharp cramps.   :sick0002:
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