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Author Topic: IS this a hypnic jerk or something serious?  (Read 437 times)

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IS this a hypnic jerk or something serious?
« on: April 23, 2014, 08:51:33 AM »
I had occurrences of this same thing happening in a different manner during an incredibly horrible period of anxiety I had in August last year (I am pretty sure it was induced by taking too much Sudafed and stress). Now I am having a similar thing happen at the moment.

When I am lying down trying to sleep, I might suddenly get a pressure type pain on my chest. Of course, pressure on the chest is a symptom of heart trouble, but when these happened they would only last for a second and then completely go, not leaving any other symptoms in it's wake. The last two times it happened in recent days, they occurred when I was sleeping on my side. Last night, I had this feeling a fair few minutes into the process of trying to sleep and it filled me with adrenaline after it passed, which isn't surprising. But I could still breathe normally and again, left no symptoms in it's passing. This hasn't happened when I am trying to stay awake or anything.

I know people are ignoring me now since I post too much, but is this a normal hypnic jerk for people with anxiety and depression? I have felt quite depressed in recent days so...could that be the cause?

I feel fine today and actually woke up feeling fairly awake, but I told someone I work with on my volunteer job about this and she say's it sounds serious. Not sure what I should do and need to know if this is something that happens with anxiety/depression sufferers.

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