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Strange pounding headaches that occur during even the slightest amount of stress

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Offline ryanjay

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This has been going on for a few weeks now, but every so often during the day at random i will get a mild throbbing headache, usually when standing up suddenly from my chair.

Its hard to describe the pain...but it's like pressure mixed with mild pain. Sometimes the pain will get fairly bad for a second before going away completely, this is the main part that worried me a lot since i have had pressure in my head sensations my whole life.

My mother keeps telling me it's connected to the neck, but i am just not sure if she's telling me the truth. This morning i was lying on my left side, and one of these headaches started and went from the left of my forehead to around the left of the back of my head. I managed to crack my neck and the pain went away as i did. But the thing is, my neck was never always cracky until a few months ago. I don't have the headache right now thank god.

I dunno what this is, i am starting to fear i have a brain tumour or aneurysm. The latter especially since it seems to occur when i am in a stressed or anxious state.
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Offline mollyfin

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Why would your mom lie to you?

Well, regardless, she's very likely correct.  Stress causes muscle tension.  Neck tension causes headaches. 
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Offline patmob

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Make sure you're properly hydrated and that does not mean soda (or any kind) or gatorade or any of that garbage.
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Offline naynaydevil2

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hello.. I've been getting all kinds of random headaches for about 2 months now... JUST recently they have subsided. I've seen two neurologists and got a ct scan and all is good.

I get that throbbing headache upon standing almost daily. But my vitals and blood presure are always good so my Dr says I'm ok. I think its' just something that happens because my brother gets it alot too. I keep very hydrated, walk alot and eat pretty healthy so I know its' not from that.

We are ok, don't worry  :yes:
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Offline MrMoleHill

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I recently made a similar post, about cervicogenic headaches, to which no one responded.
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