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Author Topic: Does anyone else panic at home?  (Read 264 times)

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Does anyone else panic at home?
« on: April 15, 2014, 11:35:31 AM »
I've had panic disorder For around 10 years (since I was 13, I'm 22 now).

I'm am just Finishing my college degree and will graduate this May. I wouldn't say I'm scared to leave my house (I'm okay going shopping, errands, ect). However, I'm scared to leave my house For 8 hours at a time to get a job.

I ended up securing a work at home job that starts training this week.

I know it sounds beyond stupid and pathetic but I get the Fear of Fear in my house. I'm scared about having to be in my home office 8 hours a day. What if I have to puke or go to the restroom? What if I get so dizzy I can't concentrate.   Honestly this is kind of a legit worry because when I am panicking I do have trouble concentrating.

The people I'm working For are sticklers about time and work. I am NOT a lazy person who will try to take advantage. But I'm worried it could seem that way if I have to take a bathroom break or get outside to get some air.

I Feel so dumb because so many people with panic work outside the home and I'm having so much trouble staying in my safe place all day.

Anyone else panic at home??
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Re: Does anyone else panic at home?
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2014, 01:13:47 PM »
Even those who work outside of their safe houses are entitled to use the bathroom when need be. Something tells me that this new job won't be spying on you. Cameras in your house, watching your every move. I am sure you will have a set amount of work you will be expected to get done. But that does not mean you can not move around. Stretch your legs. Even people in offices do that all day long. They can't be expected to sit still in the same place all day long. Bit of exercise as you work even. To help take your mind off of things. Bring new things into your work *****. Things you can focus on if you begin to panic. We all know as kids that a lot of people had safety blankets. Find something you can sit in your room that makes you feel safe and relaxed. Even if it is a small plant or anything else. Water them every so often. In between the work you are doing. A little something extra to focus on. To help calm you down. I can't say I panic at home. I do go out and about. But I can't stay out for 8 hours either. I admire those people who hold down regular jobs in factories and offices who have any sort of panic disorder at all. Most times their work takes over their thoughts. So they don't have time to think about negative things. Their focus is not on themselves. Work is the distraction. As for having trouble in your safe place. Maybe you are simply fed up looking at the walls of your house. It would do anybody's head in. This job might be a good distraction for you.
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