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Author Topic: Upper back pain, shocks  (Read 354 times)

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Upper back pain, shocks
« on: April 15, 2014, 12:52:15 AM »
All day I've been having severe upper back pain on my left side. If I turn my upper body to the left, I feel a sharp pain around the centre of my ribcage/left shoulder blade and it SHOOTS down the entire left side of my body. I'm worried that a rib is poking into my lung or something. I'm worried this could cause permanent damage, but I've already been in and out of the clinic 4 times this month, and in the ER twice. I don't know how to manage any kind of back pain, I've never had problems with it before. I've used rub a535 and taken ibuprofen and nothing is helping. Are these symptoms serious? Is this a muscle spasm or did I completely mess up my body somehow?
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