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Author Topic: Really need advice! Pregnant and due for a follow up mammogram  (Read 147 times)

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As the weeks go by, this is has been weighing more and more on me. It's hard for me to enjoy my pregnancy because of my fear of breast cancer.

When I got my baseline mammogram 1 year ago, they found some "probably benign" calcifications and cysts. They said my breasts were extremely dense. They suggested I follow up in 6 months, which I did (last Sept.) and although there were a few additional cysts, the calcifications remained stable and probably benign. I was supposed to follow up last month in March but I am 3 months pregnant, so my OB/GYN said no mammogram but to have an ultrasound done on the left breast.

I am so terrified to have this done, yet terrified of waiting. What if they diagnose me with BC while I am pregnant?? What if they find something I have to have biopsied and even if it turns out to be nothing, the amount of stress I will face will be extreme and not good for me or the baby (I obviously can't take any Xanax now). However, If there IS something to be found, I know it's better to catch it early rather than later in October when the baby is born. I had a breast exam by a nurse practitioner 2 weeks ago and she didn't say she felt anything strange but I wonder how dependable those exams really are.

I guess I am just looking for some advice on what you would do if you were in my position.  Just thinking about going in for that ultrasound makes me want to throw up and the stress is going to be unbelievable.
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Re: Really need advice! Pregnant and due for a follow up mammogram
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2014, 05:22:54 PM »
I would definitely go for the ultrasound.  They can tell you right away.  Then you can relax. 

NPs and Drs are generally very good at exams.  My friend had BC and could feel nothing on her own but her Dr felt it.  That was actually what saved her life…the early diagnosis.
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Re: Really need advice! Pregnant and due for a follow up mammogram
« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2014, 09:27:28 PM »
First of all congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm sorry you are stress so much. I know EXACTLY what you are feeling! I too have been absolutely terrified of cancer my whole life. I have suffered from health anxiety and hypochondria as long as I can remember but this last year as been hwll on earth. It all started last February when I glanced in the toilet and noticed my stool had bright red blood in it. This was a spin off from a pancreatic cancer fear I was suffering from which caused me to obsessively check my stools for plae color or oily substance. My pancreatic cancer fear quickly switched over to colon cancer. I have had other episodes of intermittent bleeding. I saw a Gastro in January of this year and she suggeste a scope for piece of mind. I am 26 and have 4 children all born in 5 years. I had 4 vaginal deliveries and have hemorrhoids but I am still consumed I mean completely ill over my CC fear. It has consumed every waking out of my life for over a year now. I have googled my self sick.i have almost been psyically ill because of my anxiety. I scheduled my scope for next Monday and I'm terrified beyond explanation. But I am having the scope. I am facing my fear of medical procedures. I do not fear the scope itself i fear the result. I fear it so badly that I am considering canceling but then i will be right back on Thai farriswhel ride of anxiety. I have panic attacks every time I have a bowl movement even though 95% are completely normal. I check my stools with a flash light. I'm obsessed
Ok so enough about me. If I were you have the ultrasound. It will give you complete piece of mind. Face you fears. Enjoy your pregnancy. It's a precious time. I am missing out in so much joy with my 4 being wrapped up in my CC fears. I spend more hours on google than I do with them and its a bad feeling. Please have he ultrasound and enjoy your pregnancy.   
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