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Author Topic: LPR-Silent Reflux, help please!!!!!  (Read 1022 times)

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LPR-Silent Reflux, help please!!!!!
« on: April 11, 2014, 02:45:30 PM »
Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've posted on here and I'm really looking for some help and advice.

I'm a long time anxiety sufferer who has recently been diagnosed with possible silent reflux after I woke up choking one night. My doctor has put it down to stress and doesn't seem too concerned by it and has got me on 30mg Lansoprazole which I've been on for almost 2 months now. My problem is, even though my doctor doesn't seem concerned about it, my anxiety has sent my brain into overdrive and I stupidly decided to google the condition and upon seeing the words "causes cancer" have just made it worse. I now worry that it won't go and that I'm gonna end up with rotting teeth or at worst throat cancer because unfortunately that's how my brain thinks and now I'm constantly worrying about every little symptom thinking that I'm getting worse. I know thinking like this is only making it worse and it's affecting my life, my relationship and upsetting my girlfriend who is trying her best to look after me and cheer me up but I can't stop obsessing. How do any of you guys cope suffering with anxiety and having a condition made worse by it?

Another thing, I can't remember having any of the symptoms (apart from the choking) until I was diagnosed which was back in February this year which makes me thing that maybe some of this is in my head, the main symptoms are:

Horseness: Which I had but it's now gone
Clearing Throat: Which I don't have
Excess Mucus: I've always had trouble with this as I get colds a lot so it's nothing new to me
Trouble Swallowing or breathing: Which I don't have
Sore Throat: Only very mild but again I have a history of getting colds (I do get a mild sore throat after I've been talking for a while but it's not bad)

Reading these back makes me think maybe it's not that bad but I do have some other symptoms now which are starting to worry me. In a morning I wake up with a bad taste in my mouth, when I spit the saliva is a yellow colour and sometimes has blood in it which I've read could be caused by a sinus infection because my nose has been constantly blocked now for about 2 weeks. My teeth feel more sensitive but I have had trouble with my wisdom tooth so could this be caused by this or is it the acid getting into my mouth? Are my teeth gonna rot or am I over thinking this? If i don't have any of the main symptoms then could this be something else? Has anybody had any experience with this who can give me some advice, I realize the best advice is to see my gp which I am gonna do next week when my tablets run out so for the moment I'm just looking for some advice from you guys, maybe just to calm me down a bit.

Sorry for rambling on but I feel like I'm losing my mind!!

Thanks for reading
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Re: LPR-Silent Reflux, help please!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2014, 06:54:40 PM »

I just joined and saw LPR, so I had to click on it. I have LPR and anxiety. It's an endless circle because one makes the other worse. If my LPR is bad, my anxiety goes up, which makes my LPR worse and so on. I also have other GI issues, but I totally understand the fear about throat cancer. I have visited my GI doctor several times, and she recommended that I avoid acidic, spicy, or fatty foods. Other things like caffeine, alcohol, carbonated beverages, and processed foods will make the condition worse. I often feel like my throat is closing, so I automatically assume I'm going into an allergic reaction despite eating the food hundreds of times. Most of your symptoms still sound like reflux. The cancer part happens more to those not treating it, and it takes many years, not months. If you control your diet, you will get great results.
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