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Author Topic: Tiredness and anxiety  (Read 305 times)

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Tiredness and anxiety
« on: April 09, 2014, 04:24:43 AM »
So last month I had to go away on a business trip which involved flying. It was a pretty stressful time and I am a very bad flyer which ended in me having a huge anxiety attack 3 days into the trip for the first time in about 3 years. Since then I have noticed that when I get tired I am finding my anxiety is returning.

This week I am again on a business trip however this time I am staying within the UK. I travelled down on Monday and worked yesterday completing 12 hours work. I was pretty tired afterwards but then we had to go out for tea which meant I didnt get back to the B&B for another 2 hours but I felt fine and didnt have any aniety. By this time it was 10pm. I felt I needed some down time before sleeping and so I watched tv for a while and worked on a website I own. I got to bed about 12:30 and woke at 7:00 but I feel like the quality of sleep wasn't the best.

Again as in Spain I find myself having waves on anxiety coming and going. Does anyone else experience this when they are tired despite having gotten over the main symptoms in the past? I never get it when I have had a good nights sleep. It is so annoying particularly as I got over all this many years back to the point where I never had anxiety and quite the opposite. I was totally confident 99% of the time and used to laugh at the symptoms if they ever tried to return. I know it will never overtake me again like it did last time as I have the tools to prevent a full take over but a bit of reassurance always helps. It was only 2 years ago that I spent a lot of time being the one reassuring others that they could get over it!  :laugh3:


I hate how frustrating anxiety is, one minute you feel terrible and the next you feel at peace. I am now sat here feeling pretty good and wondering why I worried in the first place. I don't know whether this is down to using the tools I acquired the last time I beat anxiety or not but I feel better for now. I think the issue seems to stem from not being able to control my overthinking when I am tired and it over runs my mind. I seem to suffer more with the obsessive thoughts that try and creep in and make me feel and think a certain way. I just try to welcome them in and see them for what they are but sometimes when tired they can worm their way in and trigger my anxiety.
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Re: Tiredness and anxiety
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2014, 05:42:26 AM »
I think most people could relate to feeling more anxious if tired. Plus anxiety can drain you. I think we can be more on edge. We can be more combative. Snap easily. We love our sleep. A good rest can leave us feeling refreshed. Ready to take on the day. Lack of sleep can make the day seem like one long hurdle we can't seem to get over. If it is going to go wrong it probably will on a day when we got no sleep the night before. Now if this is just the mind acting up is another question. I don't deny it happens. But take the average person. They get no sleep and they are fine. They can function. So something slips into our minds about sleep been the start to our anxiety if we miss out on it. Could be a connection we made. Meaning we feed the brain this idea about sleep. That we need it or we panic. Once the idea is sown it will always happen. Case of trying to undo what we have sown.
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