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Author Topic: IBS or Bowel Cancer  (Read 332 times)

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IBS or Bowel Cancer
« on: April 07, 2014, 08:38:36 PM »
Hi - don't you just hate HA.  I've had symptoms of IBS on and off all my adult life but in the last 2 years I developed pelvic pain just inside my hip on the left side which flares up with menstration and ovulation (to the point where it hurts to walk) and can settle for a week then starts over again.  Sometimes its hard to go to the toilet because of the pressure of the movement passing the painful area.  I also get what feels like a bit of gas building up then I feel popping/gurgling sensation and the pain eases as the gas moves past the painful spot.   The pain is pretty much with me all the time, sometimes much worse than others - it's seems to be nerve pain, achey, dull and sometimes sudden stabs.

18mths ago it got really bad along with back pain and chest pain.  I developed HA and night panic attacks from the fear of what was wrong with me, I was a mess.  My physio gave me exercises which only gave me relief while I was doing them and he checked me over and felt it was stemming from an internal issue.  I had a very stressful time with lots of testing and waiting for results (I was sure I was dying). I was clear of ovarian cancer and had a clear colonoscopy, abdominal scan, chest x-ray, 24hr urine test and many blood tests.  They found that I had a bit of GERD and I'm now on tablets along with being hyperthyroid which is now sorted.

The pain has got bad again lately and I'm really stiff in my hip area (if I stretch backwards all my muscles in my hip and lower back pull no matter how much I stretch).  I now have pain going into my "bottom bones" and down my left leg to my knee and sometimes my foot.  When I'm menstruating it is really bad. 

The reason I'm writing here is because I'm in fear that all those tests showed nothing 12-18mths ago but would they show something now??  My dad has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer (he will be ok with surgery etc) and now I'm thinking I have it too because his surgeon told him a lot of young people get his cancer.

I guess I just want reassurance that I've had all the tests, even though my pain is a bit worse than before, they have tested me for everything and put it down to IBS.  I need to know if I can trust my diagnosis and be ok that even though it was 12-18mths ago I don't need to go through all the testing again.  Does anyone else with IBS get these symptoms??  Thanks for listening xx
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Re: IBS or Bowel Cancer
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2014, 08:54:40 PM »
No one can diagnose you over the internet but I say go get it checked out and set your mind at ease.  Pain in the lower abdomen around those times of the month is often attributed to an ovarian cyst...most women have them...some get larger and painful at certain times of the month.  IBS and ovarian cysts could cause all the symptoms you are talking about, but it's aways good to get it checked out.
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Re: IBS or Bowel Cancer
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2014, 10:40:33 AM »
I have IBS pain, gas, pelvic pain... one time my pain was so bad I couldn't walk. Went to my GP and sent me for pelvic/abdominal CVT sacn that was clean. Then I started belching a lot and having reflux. I got endoscopy and showed gastritis... I am having a colonoscopy done in 3 weeks because I still have pain, but my bowel movements are normal. they also discovered last week 3 cysts in my left ovary, that can probably cause some pelvic pain too. And I have IC to top it all!!!
Good luck, but if you feel uneasy go to your GP he can order a CT scan that shows everything!
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