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Author Topic: Feeling Off-balance, Random numbness, Freaked myself out reading about MS  (Read 308 times)

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So for about a month or so I've had the feeling of being slightly off-balance.   It's not enough to physically cripple my day but mentally it's taken over my life.    I have an appointment with a family doctor for next week but in the mean time I've ready way, way too much stuff on Google and have officially freaked myself out.    I'm convinced I have MS and am already thinking of ways to tell my family....   B-; :dazed:

Here is a rundown of how I feel from day to day:
-  Slightly off-balance ranging from ~5% to ~20% depending on the day.   
-  Off-balance gets worse at a grocery store
-  Off-balance gets worse when doing things like vacuuming the floor
-  Head feels like I'm in a fog
-  Back of the head/neck muscles feel tense
-  Back of the head/neck muscles sometimes feel like they want to 'tremor' if that makes sense
-  I have off and on tingling in my left cheek, gets worse the more I think about it
-  I have off and on tingling in my left foot (like I'm standing on a vibrating cell phone), gets worse the more I think about it
-  When I'm fully distracted all of my symptoms lessen to a great degree, but they will come back at random times.
-  If I have a couple beers the symptoms also lessen massively.

What finally made me write this forum post?   Yesterday morning I felt PERFECT.    No dizzy, no tingles, nothing.    Then I go to work (I sit at a PC all day) and my feet felt a little weird and then all my symptoms came right back.    Then this morning I felt pretty off-balance when getting up which lead to my stress levels going up and as I write this I feel foggy, a little dizzy and my feet are tingling.

Am I freaking myself out with Anxiety or could this be something like MS????
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Sounds a lot like anxiety. I have the off balance feeling as well
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